NTC Foundation Announces New Installations At The Station Mural

NTC Foundation is thrilled to announce the selection and installation of the newest Installations at the Station art piece between Barracks 14 and 15 in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station.

Installations at the Station at Arts District Liberty Station

Installations at the Station, overseen by the Art in Public Places Committee (AiPP), has brought thought-provoking and stimulating artworks to the community, featuring works from local artists in the San Diego-Baja region.

San Diego-based Mexican American artist, Scarlett Baily, was recently selected by AiPP for her installation titled “Home,” and she began hand-painting the 2,535 square-foot mural depicting the vibrant history of San Diego September 18th.

“We’re so excited to have selected Scarlett Baily’s piece as the newest project for Installations at the Station,” said Lisa Johnson, President and CEO of the NTC Foundation. “Scarlett’s vision to connect the community to San Diego’s rich history goes farther than painting a picture of the skyline – it’s visual storytelling. Combining different characteristics of the San Diego region with Liberty Station’s maritime roots, this installation captures everything ARTS DISTRICT is about.”

Installations at the Station presents “Home”

Baily’s mural, titled “Home,” intricately weaves the history of the Naval Training Center with indigenous maritime culture on a vast 2,535 square-foot canvas. Evoking the essence of belonging, the artwork celebrates San Diego’s heritage through coastal flora, fauna, and a vivid bouquet of native flowers.

The installation transports viewers to lush marshes, where the tradition of crafting the Kumeyaay Tule Boat is honored and vintage naval knots acknowledge the city’s maritime roots. The mural’s narrative unfolds from California gulls on Sunset Cliffs to a profound underwater scene, depicting a gray whale’s ancestral journey.

An oversized Osprey in the garden encapsulates the wonder of feeling at home in the presence of shared creatures. Symbolizing diverse inhabitants, “Hapai,” Kumeyaay for “the people’s water,” reflects Point Loma’s legacy. This mural serves as a sanctuary for reflection, uniting the community, land, and sea in a visual display that pays homage to all that have called this place home.

“Growing up Mexican American in San Diego, I constantly grappled with where I fit in,” said Baily.  “My work explores themes of belonging, rescuing origin stories, traditions, and tales, yet I still needed to ask these same questions about the peninsula. What was the place like generations before Liberty Station? I began researching indigenous maritime culture and had the incredible opportunity to connect with Dr. Stanley Rodriguez, a Kumeyaay professor, and veteran who completed boot camp at the NTC in the 80s.”

“Dr. Rodriguez preserves Kumeyaay maritime traditions, teaching communities how to construct ‘Ha Kwaiyo’ or tule boats. I am so excited to share this 10,000+ year-old tradition that continues to thrive with the visitors of Liberty Station.”

This October, stop by ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station to witness the captivating evolution of Baily’s mural as it unfolds over the course of a few weeks.

See you there

The community is invited to watch Baily in action from 9AM to 1PM on Saturday, October 14, and from 9AM to 4PM on Friday, October 13. The community painting days are open to all ages and guests are encouraged to dress in clothing they don’t mind getting paint on.

The work will be located on the archways between Barracks 14 and 15. Join us in celebrating the fusion of history, culture, and artistic expression, and seize the opportunity to be part of this remarkable journey.

See you there, San Diego!

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