8 Cool San Diego Startups That Are Making A ‘Dent In The Universe’

Long before Silicon Valley was a show featuring TJ Miller on HBO, it was known simply as the king of all tech hubs.

Now, it seems “startup” has become something of a trendy buzzword, increasing in ubiquity with every passing second, and flooding the zeitgeist with entrepreneurial spirit.

So much so, in fact, that many of these aforementioned startups are shying away from the costly and saturated markets of San Francisco, and are making their way somewhere sunny, less expensive, and brimming with young, hungry, ingenues, at significantly lower rates – our very own San Diego!

We’ve rounded up 8 innovative SD startups making a ‘dent in the universe’ (thank you, Steve Jobs!), and a serious impression on the tech community in our very own backyard.

1. Taphunter


Leave it to San Diego to get techy on craft brews! Taphunter essentially created a one-stop shop for restaurateurs to manage their beverage program on a streamlined, online dashboard, saving them hours in time and allowing business owners to focus on more critical tasks at hand. Once the beverage program is updated (most people say it takes about 10 minutes), Taphunter updates all social media, print menus, websites and digital displays with the pertinent information.

Thousands of thirsty patrons are also utilizing Taphunter’s savvy app, allowing them to peruse the drink list of their favorite bar, or find the craft brew of their choice nearby.

2. The Venue Report

The Venue Report is one seriously stunning service, that makings planning the perfect gathering or getaway a snap. On their website you’ll find field guides to various destinations, or to various types of gatherings – whether you’re looking for weddings, camping and glamping, group getaways, retreats, birthdays and more.

The concept may seem simple, but the way The Venue Report seamlessly ties together celebration, connection and aesthetic is something with some real staying power. Visitors of The Venue Report can peruse gorgeous, little-known locations, read heartfelt testimonials with photography eye-popping enough to draw a tear from even the most cynical of eyes, and even save their favorites to a special file.

One thing is for sure: these people will make you want to par-tay.

3. Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is a service changing the way the hotel industry approaches booking, guest and even inventory management. To put it simply, Cloudbeds is a streamlined system going a step beyond checking guests in and out with ease.

Their server actually connects to many leading travel and tech brands such as Expedia, Travelocity, Kayak, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Hostelworld and more, updating them with booking rates and availability in real time, which not only drives traffic, but saves employees time.

Cloudbooks includes a function for every task, from room management to accounting, eliminating the need for any other programs – clever move, guys. Hoteliers can even create city guides for guests, like the San Diego one pictured above.


This may come as a shock, but our eyes are indeed not meant to regularly stare at screens and take in forms of artificial blue light (I know, I was surprised as well). The technical term for the malady that can occur from too much of this is Digital Eye Strain, and GUNNAR is pioneering the eyewear industry by engineering a pair of specs that just might remedy this growing problem.

Their patented lens technology helps the wearer focus more naturally, and block blue light, preventing eye strain. Users report improvements in their sleep cycle, focus and work efficiency.

Starting at just $59 a pair, that’s a lot to deliver!

5. Classy

Classy is quickly coming up on the heels of companies like Kickstarter with their innovative approach to online fundraising for the modern nonprofit.

They have successfully provided a platform on which companies can execute crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, event registration, website donations and more – all in one place. From aiding programs focusing on educational advancement, to cutting-edge health technology, Classy has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, and garnered response from over 3,000 organizations including Oxfam, Teach for America, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and World Food Program USA.

Beyond this, they hold seminars to help nonprofits learn how to retain investors and donors, and help their awareness grow even further.

6. Seismic

Seismic is a sales enablement tool seriously turning the tables on the ways marketing and sales teams communicate, relay information, and measure data to and from each other.

The way they explain it, these two groups might once have entered meetings and presentations with some level of division, and discrepancies in information. Seismic not only makes sure all necessary resources are in one spot, but that the data is easily measurable. In turn, this rules out many a discrepancy between departments, and streamlines efficiency on any project, which aids the sales team in meeting goals.

Their iPad app is also extremely user friendly, allowing team members to easily and quickly access sections like recent documents, popular content, new content, local content, tear sheets, sales pitches and more.

Talk about a win-win.

7. 3D Robotics

The multifunctionality of drones continues. 3D Robotics is changing the way drones are utilized in the agricultural, construction, surveying and mapping, utilities and telecom, insurance, and public safety industries.

Their tech allows for high-quality data to be captured on site, with the leading Sony UMC-R10C camera, and then can be easily analyzed to survey the site with one tap on the Site Scan iOS app. Site Scan is a powerful tool, in that it precisely overlays georeferenced drone data with the CAD plan at hand; furthermore it allows said data to be shared with stakeholders, and helps project managers stay on schedule.

8. Measurabl

Rounding off our tech-savvy list is a company making moves for the greener good. Sustainability isn’t just something business owners care about for reducing their own costs, it’s something investors are now keeping a close eye on, with the knowledge that this factor will inevitably affect the business down the line.

Measurabl provides a way for businesses to collect energy, carbon, water utility and travel data, and collaboration and stakeholder engagement. If a sustainability tool married a marketing platform, Measurabl would indeed be their child.

After obtaining necessary data, all the information is then compiled by Measurabl into beautiful, clean, accurate reports for usage on GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and GRI (The Global Reporting Initiative).

The result is verifiable, accessible, sustainability data, available to investors, regulators and customers year-round.

Perhaps it’s time San Diego adopt the moniker Silicone Bay? It might be too soon for that, but nevertheless, this So-Cal enclave is undeniably taking up some serious territory in the technology kingdom.

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