7 Places to Get Crazy Good Carne Asada Fries in San Diego

San Diego is home to many of the important things in life: sandy beaches, warm sunshine, and everyone’s favorite invention, carne asada fries.

While in San Diego, the eating of said fries is something of a religious ritual. And, similar to how New Yorkers feel about their pizza, what people are looking for when it comes to the presentation and taste of this divine delicacy varies from individual to individual.

Whether you’re venturing from out of state or down the street, we’ve rounded up seven favorite spots to find the best, wildly tasty carne aside fries.

La Puerta

We may be a bit biased on this one, as we love La Puerta so much that we’ve practically turned their Mission Hill location (also in Gaslamp) into our remote office.

As they state on their Instagram account, “LaPuertaSD carne asada fries need no introduction.” Behold La Puerta’s artistic masterpiece: the carne asada fries which can be enjoyed for half price during happy hour.

They’re heavy and beautiful—piled high with salsa and onions and drizzled with loads of crema. And if you are craving some other type of fry dish – Surf & Turf, Carnitas, etc – they have them!

Whatever you choose, wash them down with a margarita, and tell them ThereSanDiego sent you!

Lolita’s Taco Shop

No respectable roundup of carne asada fries in San Diego would be complete without Lolita’s Taco Shop on it.

Since 1984, Lolita’s family-owned restaurants have been serving generous portions of authentic Mexican food. You’ll find a pile of golden fries with hefty dollops of guac, Cojita cheese, crema, and, of course—that ribboned, perfectly seasoned steak.

To say this plate of beauty will make all your carne asada fry dreams come true is an understatement.

Wanna go crazy? Ask for the tsunami fries with shrimp!

 Tacos El Gordo

Tacos El Gordo has been serving authentic Tijuana-style tacos since 1998, and their formula for fresh ingredients and authentic cooking has won them enough raving fans to expand to seven locations in California and Nevada.

While you’re there, be sure to try their Adobada Fries and get plenty of tacos, too – you won’t regret it.


Known as the Cotixan Fries, these babies have guacamole, carne asada, sour cream, and shredded cheese.

There’s a simplicity to them that people love. A heaping plate for $8.40 in combination with the fact that Cotixan is known as a just-before-midnight option makes this the perfect fry stop with friends.

Venture to their salsa bar if you’re in the mood for hot, mild, or green sauce to top your night off.


Known for their surf ‘n’ turf burritos, combo plates, and, of course—carne asada fries—Sarita’s in Spring Valley is your 24-hour option for munchies!

Residing in the ever-so-famous white styrofoam box with a layer of thin yellow paper, the fries are plopped in a basic yet glorious manner, just waiting to be devoured by eager eaters. Yum.

Rigoberto’s Taco Shop

For a mound of carne asada fries coming in at $9, eating these with friends accounts for the best Friday night tradition ever. Famous in the world of college students and late-night eaters, Rigoberto’s has a couple of different locations and makes their warm, crispy fries to order.

You can even go for the option of pollo asada if you *shudder* aren’t in the carne mood.

The Taco Stand

True to this shop’s slogan, each week we find ourselves counting down the days until we can say “Let’s Taco!” to our friends—you know, without looking like a glutton or something.

Luckily for us, The Taco Stand has locations downtown, in Encinitas, North Park, Convoy, and La Jolla, so perhaps the true solution is to just maintain friendships in different zip codes (thanks for the tip, Ludacris)!

But seriously, if you think we’re being a little dramatic, you need to try these fries. Once you’ve tried this particular mixture of flame-grilled 100% Certified Angus Beef goodness, guac, sour cream, and cheese, the line out the door of this spot will make a whole lot more sense to you!

$10 can buy you happiness, my friends. Add some shrimp to the mixture for an extra dollar, but feel about one million dollars richer.

See you there!

Whether you’re visiting San Diego or just in the mood to explore one of the local staples, we hope these seven options prove that a good dose of carne asada food experimentation is in your near future.

From all of us at There San Diego, we wish you happy eating as you indulge in your fry-filled adventure!

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