Events in san diego night life

Madam Bonnie's Gaslamp Jazz Night
August 18, 2022
Free up your Thursday evening for dinner and a show at Madam Bonnie’s Gaslamp restaurant and bar, where you can step out of the Gaslamp and...
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Emo Night Is Stopping By San Diego At The Casbah
August 19, 2022
Emo Nite San Diego 2022 is coming to The Casbah August 19th! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Emo Nite (@emonite) 8...
Star Wars Duck Dive
May 26, 2022
Get your lightsabers ready to battle for the title of jedi trivia master at The Duck Dive’s Star Wars Trivia Night on Thursday, May 26th!...
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Come To Duck Dive And Join A Star Wars Trivia In A Galaxy Far Far Away
May the Force be with you during the Duck Dive‘s Star Wars Trivia Night! No Jedi mind tricks here – just a fun-filled night of...