10 California Weed Companies Set to Shape the Industry in 2017 and Beyond

It’s no surprise that with the passing of Prop 64, weed companies are preparing for what will likely be an onslaught of fresh clientele with some equally fresh innovations.

From gadgets that gauge the consumer’s desired high, edibles that clearly state what you’re getting (in other words, see ya later to the “you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less” approach with weed treats from days of yore), to the ways cannabis companies are packaged and presented.

We found 10 companies sure to shape the industry in 2017 and beyond.

1. Best New Gadget: The Herbalizer

The Herbalizer is making major waves as the “manly man” in a sea of mere vaporizer boys. First off, on a purely shallow visual note, the design is sleek, modern, unassuming and easy to inconspicuously slip onto almost any surface. Then, one simply folds it open to use it, almost like a “Polly Pocket” for cannabis users.

To add feature to functionality, the Herbalizer’s main selling point is that it works to give the user the exact kind of high they desire by honing in on the temperature range needed to do so. For example, those looking for a mild, uplifting feel would shoot for between 290-330 degrees, whereas someone seeking something more intense, would look to get in the 390-445 degree range.

To further up the customization ante, the Herbalizer provides not one, but three methods of consumption via whip, balloon, or freestyle – where the goods are dispersed into the room through a diffusion-like technique. If that’s not enough, they even offer attachments to switch up your smoking style.

To sum it up, you’ve got options with this bad boy.


2. Best Edibles: Sweet Cali

Not so long ago in our not-very-distant past, edibles were a bit of a guessing game – ahem, still are – to a large degree. It’s not an entirely uncommon story: one marijuana partaker gives another willing participant the same edible with very different results.

Truly, what’s to be expected?! As all of our bodies and chemical makeups are different, it should follow suit our reactions to new substances would vary.

Sweet Cali is one company paving the way in the world of well-made cannabis treats. From conception to consumption, Sweet Cali is providing users with a thoughtful product from ingredients used, to cooking techniques. They utilize gluten-free and organic sugars, provide vegan options, offer customizable dosing, and beyond all of this, they are supposed to simply taste great.

With options like caramel apple chews, medicinal cough dots, and a “private reserve” label, there’s sure to be something to satisfy any cannabis craving.


3. For Intimacy: Foria

With all the well known pain and stress-relief effects of weed, it was only a matter of time until they made their way into a more personal market sector (i.e., the sector with which one gets their groove on).

With products whose focus ranges from pleasure to pain relief, Foria is proving the talents of marijuana reach far beyond what we know them to be, and going where no weed product has gone before.

Customer testimonials cite experiences that have vastly improved and elevated their sexual experience, aided in painful and hard-to-treat pelvic conditions, and even helped with such regular occurrences as severe menstrual cramps (cut to: women everywhere rejoicing).


4. Marketing + Presentation: Hippo Packaging

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that the marijuana industry runs a higher risk than others for cheesy marketing and branding. Thankfully, times, they are a-changing, and companies like Hippo Packaging are here to convey the messages of compassionate care companies in ways that resonate to a vastly larger audience.

Gone are the days where marijuana PR resembles something akin to club promotion. These businesses are being approached as just that – businesses; and frankly, isn’t it about time?

Each with their own message, target audience, product, packaging and clientele. For example, Hippo is a one-stop branding shop that takes clients under their wing, and carries them from image, to branding campaign, to public relations and SEO, to promotion outside of the home.


5. Expert Knowledge: Trichome Institute

To say the format for education in this field is rapidly changing would be a vast understatement. We’re seeing several pop-up cannabis classes for budtenders arise, such as the ones offered at the Trichome Institute.

These are not your average crash courses. The focus is on quality, and teaching people the art of interpening, which is directly defined as:

“The art of the cannabis sommelier: the science of dissecting cannabis flower for complete quality control.”


6. Law: Frontera Law Group

Frontera Law Group is no stranger to the staying power of the cannabis industry, nor are they blind to the fact that it’s one that’s rapidly changing, calling for those defending its honor to be eternally on their toes. This is precisely why their mission is to protect it.

Their emphasis is on sustainability, and preventing small but costly mistakes in leading cannabis companies and budding entrepreneurs alike is what sets them apart.

7. Find a Dispensary: Weedmaps

So, you’ve taken the plunge to get your medical marijuana card, everything is on the up-and-up, and now, where does one go from here?

Why, Weedmaps, of course!

If the namesake doesn’t adequately paint the picture, this little website helps medical marijuana patients locate dispensaries near their location with pertinent information like menus, first-time deals, delivery service, and more.

Let’s call it the “yelp” of the weed world.


8. Lifestyle: Civilized

Civilized is a sleek, up-and-coming news site with the finger on the pulse of cannabis culture. Its aesthetic is clean, modern and simple, not too far of a departure from something like Vice, but with an attitude all its own.

The pieces range from global issues, to human interest, to hilarious, to completely out of left field in the most positive way possible.

Civilized seems to have bridged a satisfying news gap between politics and palate cleanser.


9. Publications: The Cannabist

If Buzzfeed and High Times had a baby, that sweet little infant would be none other than The Cannabist – a web news source for all things weed-related, with unexpected twists.

Whether on the hunt for the perfect recipe, or even seeking out a gift guide for the marijuana partaker in your life, The Cannabist is sure to leave your marijuana musings answered.


10. Non-profit: Canna-Kids


Canna-Kids is delivering more than just accessible and innovative medical marijuana products to cancer’s tiniest patients: they are spreading keen awareness of the values of its positive effects.

Every single person on their compassionate care team has been touched in some way by cancer, and with that approach, they try to reach kids as best they can with the help kids need and deserve.

Their product focus is tinctures and concentrates, meant to be fast-acting and potent, and even fun to take for kiddos – bubblegum THC, anyone?


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