11 Of The Coolest Co-Working Spaces In San Diego


Working from home means getting a paycheck while never having to leave early for the morning commute. Rush hour never stresses you out. You don’t have to deal with office politics or an over-chatty desk neighbor that never lets you get anything done. Sounds awesome, right? Because it is!

Working from home also doesn’t mean you’re bound to the confines of your home office… it means you can work anywhere with a strong WiFi signal! While your home office has everything you need, sometimes working from home can have distractions. Coffee shops are great but they can be loud and overcrowded; and it’s sometimes frowned upon to take up a seat all day, using up all their bandwidth while only buying one cup of non-fancy coffee.

Co-working spaces are the exact opposite of a cubicle setup. They are open, collaborative, community-driven spaces intended for local working professionals.

For telecommuters, freelancers, small businesses and all types of entrepreneurs, co-working spaces offer an ambiance free of distraction and great WiFi signal.

For all of you hustlers that need to get some serious work done, here are a few of the coolest co-work spaces in SD.

1. Union Cowork

Union Cowork has a few locations around San Diego including Encinitas, North Park and the East Village. They are open 24/7, offer a beverage bar, you can bring your dog to work and they offer local craft beer on tap everyday… ya know, for those super stressful work days.


2. Co-mmunity

Co-mmunity in Hillcrest and La Jolla offers a creative co-working space, podcast studio, meeting and conference room for businesses to work out of and collaborate. They have also created a “Single Parent Mentorship Program” to help single parents thrive in business. Pretty amazing!


3. Downtown Works

Downtown Works has a ton of perks but some of my favorite may be the roof top deck with bay views, daily lunch delivery and happy hours!


4. Desk Hub

DeskHub has one San Diego location in Little Italy within walking distance to restaurants and shops for when you need a little break!


5. The Bilding

The Bilding is in the heart of Leucadia, very close to the beach! After your morning surf, head on over The Bilding where they have a shower and kitchen; clean up, eat breakfast and get to work.


6. Level

Level, in the Gaslamp offers a fully-stocked kitchen with espresso bar and local beer on tap, a rooftop deck and lounge area. Don’t get too comfy though… you came to work!


7. Hera Hub

Calling all working women! Hera Hub is the first international female-focused co-working space. The San Diego locations include Carlsbad, Sorrento Valley and Mission Valley. According to the company’s website, Hera Hub is “a shared, flexible work and meeting space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional, productive, spa-like environment.”


8. Nest CoWork

Nest CoWork located in downtown SD has a funky, open vibe and offers private phone booths, a 3D printer and much more.

9. Ootbox

Located in Sorrento Valley, Ootbox offers a wide range of in-house tools to bring your ideas to life. Ideal for both startups and small to medium size businesses, they offer everything from 3D printing, die cutting, studio and box lighting as well as sewing machines.


10. Moniker Commons

A co-working space tucked in the burgeoning Liberty Station, Moniker Commons is no better described than as the “cool kid on the block.” And we have no questions why. Ever needed to clean your entire house or office before settling down in front of the computer for the day? With beautifully design from the retro-meets-modern leather chairs to the detail of the wood panels along the conference room doors, no doubt your mind will be canvas-blanked and ready to create at Moniker. Not to mention some additional perks like paddle boards, a concierge, mail service and more…


11. WeWork

If you’ve dabbled in anything co-working lately, you’ve undoubtedly heard the word(s) “WeWork.” Not only is this creative space of 197-locations the 800-pound gorilla of co-working right now, but you’ll find your interactions with the company surprisingly first-hand and accommodating. Whether you are a team of one or… 280, to be exact.


When the kids are home for the summer and driving you crazy, the neighbors have some noisy construction going on, or you just feel as though you may be more inspired in a different environment; check out one of these awesome co-working spaces and get to work!