We Asked 18 Influencers To Share Their 5 Favorite Stocking Stuffers This Season

If you weren’t already swallowed in the swells of black friday/small-biz saturday/or cyber monday, allow me to dial things back a notch and talk slightly less intimidating gifts:

Stocking stuffers!

There’s something inherently magical about seeing a full stocking, and unveiling treasure after tiny treasure.

Since this is the time of year I fully allow myself to be enveloped in a swarm of online gift-giving content, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite influencers to share some of their favorite stocking stuffers for this year.

1. Rachel Castillero @rachelcast

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I love Rachel’s feed for peeks into her stylish home, her candid, funny, and inspiring captions, and insanely gorgeous wedding photography (She’s local, too!). Her stocking stuffers have something perfect for both the stylish mama and baby in your life.

1. These wooden maracas from Little Cottonwood are a favorite in our house and the perfect stocking stuffer for kiddos of all ages.

2. Imaginative play is really important to us, which is why we love this wooden wand for our son (yes, wands can be for boys too!) Shepard loves it at 10 months and he can enjoy playing with it as he grows older too which goes along with our value of buying toys that can grow with the child.

3. The zodiac constellation bracelets from Julie Nolan are my all time favorite piece of jewelry. They age beautifully and I love what they represent.

4. This carabiner from Multee Project is a classy keychain perfection. They come in different finishes but I’m currently loving the matte blush color; not only because I love most things blush, but also because it was released in honor of breast cancer awareness and a portion of the profits are donated to cancer research and treatment programs.

5. I LOVE the underwear and bras from Pansy. They are comfortable, simple, beautiful, well made AND they are organic and ethical. All of the best things if you ask me.


2. Women & Whiskies @womenandwhiskies

The SF-based ladies of Women & Whiskies are pure joy from their vivacious cocktails, to their sense of community. If you’re into delicious drinks, beautifully-styled events, and occasional sass, look no further. Naturally, their stocking stuffers contain pieces to bring your bar-cart game from basic to brilliant.

1. The Cocktail Deck from Love & Victory

Can’t decide on what to drink? Whip out the cocktail deck! With 52 classic cocktails included in the deck, it provides cocktail inspiration for novices and enthusiasts alike.

2. Naughty and Nice Stir Sticks from The Roc Shop

Show if you’re naughty or nice with the best kind of cocktail bling!

3. Brass Coasters from the Bar Cartist

Our FAVORITE coasters! These beauties are a must-have for a home entertainer.

4. Cocktail Matchbox from Hattan Home

Whether we’re lighting a candle or garnishing a cocktail with a flamed citrus peel, we’re always in need of a cute matchbox!

5. King Cube Tray from Tovolo

The perfect cocktails are served on the perfect ice. King cubes melt slower than small cubes, so your Old Fashioneds and Boulevardiers are cold, but don’t get diluted.


3. Avarcas USA @avarcasusa

A photo posted by PONS Avarcas USA (@avarcasusa) on

How many great things can I say about Avarcas USA? Well, other than the fact that they’ve been handcrafting their adorable and ultra-comfortable sandals in Menorca Spain with the highest quality materials since 1945, they’re based right here in San Diego, and are probably some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Owner Noelia Pahissa approaches business with such a palpable sense of warmth and community. Hop on over to her feed, where you’ll get to follow along on their San Diego adventures, and stay up to date on everything they’re doing in the community (hint- lots of fun pop-up shops!).

Noelia shared some lovely local goods with which to fill your stockings by the chimney with care.

1. Pons avarcas are my everyday sandals! Their simple design can take you from the beach to the city, and they evoke my Mediterranean summers growing up in Barcelona.

2. Norden Goods candles  are my favorite for winter time. The scent of forest, earthy balsams and resins of this candle evokes memories of huddling up inside of a cabin to stay warm.

3. On top of smelling amazing, this Lavender + Frankincense face oil absorbs without being greasy and leaves my skin so soft and moisturized.

4. This half moon bag is large enough to hold all the essentials.

5. This Azure Vista Necklace Simply and stunning, love the combination of materials


4. Colby Tice @colby_tice

If you’re into effortlessly chic, and eclectic home decor, snippets of life with adorable kiddos, and quintessentially southern California style, you will love Colby Tice’s feed.

After peeping a couple of her dreamy interior design photos, you’ll want to pull up a chair for breakfast in her sunlight-filled kitchen, too. Her stocking stuffer picks will make you want to cozy up, and stay home.

1. Huxe & Co handmade knit hanging air plant because they’re so cute and little, but add a huge pop of fun to any wall.

2. Pretty Pegs furniture legs because they spruce up any piece of furniture with a twist of a leg.

3. Brickyard Buffalo Turkish hand towels because they are useful in so many ways in the bathroom and kitchen. Plus, they add a stylish decorative touch.

4. A Stone Cold Fox robe, because it’s delicate and flirty, and perfect to wear around the house.

5. Peace Guru Candle Co. all natural soy candles, because who doesn’t love a great-smelling candle?!


5. Matt Broussard @acooknamedmatt

If who I’m following on Instagram were a pie chart, it would probably read 80% food and drink, 20% home decor-lifestyle-puppy-baby triple threats (That is indeed, a category).

Matt Broussard is a Seattle-based chef, with some serious Iron Chef-esque plating game. His dishes seem to perfectly walk the line between groundbreaking, and humble- octopus Al Pastor, anyone? Hands up emoji. Additionally, his IG stories offer fun snippets into chef life, knife skills, ravioli-making, copious espresso, and more.

Matt shares his ideal stocking stuffers, and they’re all ready to be carried right into the kitchen.

1. I use the Aura Chakra Utility Knife every day for everything from breaking down chickens, to cutting vegetables.

2. Can’t live without espresso as a chef- Starbucks gift card!

3. Before I got a waterproof iPhone 7, I sued the Lifeproof iPhone case, and it was perfect for the kitchen.

4. Anything from True Cooks is cool. I always wear my “simmer down” hat from them.

5. Of course, a damn good pocket knife. Mine is from Pallares Solsona, a knife business in Spain.


6. Jen Pinkston @jenpinkston

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The Effortless Chic is indeed the perfect name for Jen Pinkston’s smartly-styled blog offering everything from recipes, to outfits, home decor, and a glimpse into life in Austin TX, all with a healthy dose of warmth and real-talk.

1. Who doesn’t love a cocktail this time of year? Bonus points if it’s in a cool copper mug!

2. I love this spray! It’s a perfect refresh if you’ve been traveling or working all day.

3. I can’t believe these earrings are such a bargain! They’re versatile enough to wear with a date night dress, or a simple tee.

4. I love clever little books that double as home decor.

5. The gift that keeps on giving. Boring dinner parties, no more!


7. Jill Fausner @layeredvintage

Jill was one of the very first people I met via Instagram, and she is living proof that this little app cultivates more than just curated photos.

Jill has a knack for building community through her floral business, Layered Vintage. Not only is she botanically-blessed, but she is one of those rare people who has the ability to bring together creatives from all different paths with a vision in mind, and before you know it, she’s created a stunning photoshoot or event.

Her sunny disposition is every bit as bright the blooms she works her magic on, and that spirit definitely carries over to her Instagram feed.

1. Of course I’m all about the blooms when it comes to my top stocking stuffers: both natural and floral inspired. Mini dried floral bouquets are my go to these days- usually a mix of my own dried pieces like a garden rose or peony with some purchased pieces like cotton or lunaria aka “money plant.” Petite and pretty tied with twine or vintage velvet and usually tied to the outside of the stalking.

2: Another favorite would be the mini notebooks by Rifle Paper Co. Their prints are always a favorite and fit perfectly in a stocking.

3. I’m obsessed with Chels Pots, too! The striped ones are my fav! Seriously the cutest little mugs!

4. A gift card to my favorite store Pigment. It literally has something for everyone and never fails me.

5. Candle from Often Wander  . She has amazing scents but the best part is you can make your own scents too!


8. Alisha Johns @alishylishy

Alisha is the colorful voice behind content creation at Lish Creative. Her vibrant feed will immediately inject some cheer into your scrolling session, and leave you wanting to make everything in your life candy-colored.

Her technicolor list will fill your stocking with every hue of the rainbow.

1. These colorful earbuds come in nearly every color of the rainbow!

2. Pop Socket is perfect for the smartphone power user, it pops in and out to help you hold, prop and snap!

3. This retro alarm clock is another product in a rainbow of colors and perfect for decor or photoshoots

4. Chatbooks are absolute best way to let your instagram feed live on!

5. Paige Poppe designed this fun pin for color-lovers who are also enamored by the desert’s beauty.


9. Blanky Campara @cozhinacombossa

Brazillian-born, San Diego-transplanted Blanky Campara’s posts are sure to compel you to run out and get whatever she’s eating, and if you’re lucky enough to be here in SD, chances are you’ll be able to!

I love her down to earth food, and positive voice in every post. She threw together a stocking stuffer list, perfectly practical for the avid home cook in your life.

1. A wine opener, because among the true mysteries in this world, is as to where all the wine openers goes when you need them 10pm after a busy day. An extra one is never too much.

2. I can predict that if I don’t start using an actual timer instead the one on my phone, the day that I will drop my phone on a pan full of boiling sauce is yet to come.

3. Bitters of any flavors, any size, because they are always a good addition to the bar.

4. Reusable bags! I have maybe 20 of them, but I keep forgetting them at home, and now that San Diego stores are not long providing bags (which I love, and support ) having a new one may help me to take it with me, when shopping.

5. A recipe box, because recipes made out of hand written recipe cards taste so much better!


10. Elise Blaha @elisejoy

A photo posted by elise blaha cripe (@elisejoy) on

SD-based mama, maker, and business owner is one busy lady. Follow along for her crafty adventures, updates on her AMAZING planner series, the GET TO WORK BOOK, and snaps of her adorable home.

Elise shares stocking stuffers that are all about the littles in your life.

1. These fingernail stickers are so easy to use, not messy and an instant hit!

2. Finding Dory go fish is an easy game for little ones

3. This pez dispenser makes me nostalgic (and takes a while for kiddos to eat).

4. Washi tape is great for my daughter is obsessed with taping everything together and washi comes in so many colors!

5. Ikea paint brushes are the best of the best for kid (and adult) artists.


11. Marissa Berrini @bourbonandgoose

Marissa Berrini’s rainbow-filled feed is peppered with all good things: cocktails, travel, sarcasm, whimsy- you name it.

A bit of a “Jill of all trades”, Marissa’s a content creator responsible for more than just pretty pictures. She creates community through her Happy Hour Club gatherings, and has even build a little sub community on Instagram through her hashtag, #myunicornlife.

Her list is just as thoughtful as she, with a gift tailored to every special person in your life.

1. For your fur kid (cats included):

This Prismatic Adjustable leash is the best leash for any pet owner. (Hey, I’m seeing more and more cats on leash!) Plus they’re handmade in Brooklyn and each leash features a brass tag representing the number of pets saved to date by Found My Animal. Cheers to that!

2. For your bestie and partner in crime:

Move over Casper, there’s a new ghost in town and he’s Sara M Lyons’ adorable Happy Ghost! Give a pair of these snugly socks to someone you’d like to play footsies with and I’m sure you’ll win extra points.

3. For the home:

House of Intuition is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles for unique gifts. They have the BEST selection of candles. My go-to is the Blessing candle as we all could use a little extra blessing, right?

4. For anyone trying to curb their sweet tooth:

Original, quirky and fun, Hello Happy Plants has the craziest planters around. No worries about extra calories either as these candy theme planters aren’t for consumption but are home for a cute little air plant.

5. For your Girl Gang:

Amazing illustrator and writer, Ann Shen shares some much needed history on women who made History before social media in Bad Girls Throughout History. A must read for all of us ladies and men!


12. Natalie Gill @native_poppy

A photo posted by Natalie Gill (@native_poppy) on

If you’re a San Diego local, chances are you’ve made your way over to Communal Coffee in North Park, where Coffee + Flowers go hand in hand. Natalie Gill is the talented florist behind Native Poppy, the resident flower shop within Communal Coffee. Personally, I think the whole sip-your-latte-while-you-wait-for-your-bouquet idea a true dream realized.

I love Natalie’s non-traditional arrangements, funny captions, and her evident love of the San Diego creative community.

1. As a florist, I’m going to have to go with a packet of seeds or seed bombs, so you can plant some wildflowers!

2. We’re selling these test tube face masks at the shop that come in test tubes- $6 each by Urb Apothecary!

3. Enamel pins are great right now. I really like the sloth pin from Boygirlparty.

4. Often Wander travel candle in desert.

5. Toffee from Sweetbricks, because duh.


13. Krys Melo @melodrama

Do you have a person in your life who can throw together a DIY with the flick of a wrist? You know, the one with a self-upholstered sofa, fully-decked bar cart, and she’s pouring you a specialty cocktail along the way?

Krys Melo is *that* gal, and I’ve loved every minute of her feed since I signed up for my Instagram. Her style is smart and streamlined with the perfect dash of vintage charm, and her stocking stuffer picks are just as sweet (Also, I’ll need to invest in those foodie dice!)

1.       Whimsical Crystal Air Plants– People say crystals and plants add good vibes and life to any home. These crystal air plants are the most beautiful combination of the two.

2.       Carry On Cocktail Kit– Who doesn’t need a little booze around the holidays? These kits are the perfect way to bring your favorite cocktail with you wherever you go.

3.       Happy Socks – The name says it all.

4.       Foodie Dice – This genius idea will save you from so many “What should we eat” arguments. You know the ones.

5.       Sugarfina 3 Piece Bento Box – It’s not a proper stocking without candy. These custom bento boxes let you combine 3 amazing candy flavors. I recommend the birthday cake caramels!


14. Amy Chen @amyventures

Amy’s colorful Instagram feed is more than just splashy and vibrant. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, speaks words of positivity and truth over her online community, and recently launched a shop of goods that are equally effervescent.

She’s an undeniably sunny presence, and is supplying you with a list of stocking stuffers sure to turn any frown upside-down.

1. Fredericks & Mae has playing cards in every hue to create the perfect rainbow. It’ll be pretty hard to not play some family card games after all the gifts are unwrapped!

2. What’s a stuffed stocking without a pair of new socks? Such a fun + festive stripe pattern to dress your feet up in for the holidays!

3. I love the hot pink and cobalt blue color combo of this bag. The doughnut illustration was a bonus (You can never have too many reusable bags!).

4. Who needs wine glasses when you can consume all those holiday drinks in this fabulous shiny rainbow cup?

5. For that friend or family member who may need a little pick-me-up. I love a fresh notebook at the start of a new year!


15. Witty Rentals @witty_rentals

Tiffany and Chelsea are a best friend duo with just about the most INSANE bounty of furniture rentals in SD.

From stunning bars, to the farm table or Eames chairs of your dreams, these ladies know how to deck out an event. It just so happens it’s a bonus that they’re sweet and stylish as can be.

1. Naturally, the Chels Pots I Like Your Butt, or Mom So Hard mug.

2. This Walter and George splatter wallet.

3. Aura candle in blush.

4. Ladymade eclipse mask.

5. Joeluc Jewelry stacking rings.


16. Eileen Lee @lalovetta

A photo posted by eileen lee (@lalovetta) on

Whether sharing peeks of her fur children, travels, vinyl, the occasional food share, or curated product shoots, Eileen is one visually-cunning cookie.

As a former LA resident who recently made the move back to Detroit, I’m loving what her journey is translating into visually on her feed.

Her stocking stuffer picks are equal parts smart, convenient, cute, and delicious.

1. Marble Noise Canceling Headphones – Who doesn’t love marble accessories? Super chic, plus, the sound is pretty awesome for being under $30!

2. This is Ground Cord Tacos – These little cord organizers are a lifesaver and great for those who travel. Plus, they come in great colors and designs!

3. Ann Williams Group Mini Pom-Pom Kit – I love crafts and this pom pom kit is so  fun. You can make anything from garlands, to keychains – or even add some pom poms onto a plain pillow!

4. Beardy Boys Pecan Smash – Made locally in Venice Beach, this artisanal pecan butter is not only organic but so yummy. Careful, it’s quite addicting!

5. Raw Spice Bar Flavor Kits – For those who love cooking, these monthly flavor kits are great for trying out new spices and recipes. They even will tailor your kit to specific dietary needs!


17. Marlyn @littleredbowtique

A photo posted by Marlyn (@littleredbowtique) on

Every square glimpse into Marlyn’s life gives way into a cozy world where baby snuggles and the little things rule. She shares her honest journey in motherhood with no shortage of little kid teepee or fully-decked Christmas tree, and makes it all look like a breeze.

1. I love how simple and classic these Daniel Wellington watches are. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit!

2.  These handmade soy candles are so fresh and simply beautiful.

3. I love having a planner ready before the new year arrives. These planners are so lovely too! I always find that a pretty planner encourages me to be more organized.

4.  Buffalo plaid is my favorite Winter pattern. These socks from Madewell are both cozy and cute!

5. These chilly days get me so excited for all things knitted. This beanie would probably be worn on repeat all Winter long.


18. Susie F.W @rose_tinted_glasses

For a bit of across-the-pond charm, Susie shares her stocking stuffer list, which I can’t help but describe as truly precious. Her feed takes the term eye candy to literal levels where flora, fauna, and the occasional decadently-dressed cocktail reign supreme.

1. I use this fun Martha & Hepsie sprout tape every year to wrap my presents and they always look so amazing and festive.

2. I love Flora and the Flamingo; it’s the best picture book. It has the sweetest illustrations I have ever seen and is a brilliant story about friendship for any age!

3. I am obsessed with Oliver Bonas tropical teaspoons. They are so cute, and I can’t get enough of copper at the moment. I keep them in my bar kit.

4. The Carry on Cocktail Kit in Old Fashioned is a chic and fun little gift for anyone who travels.

5. Chocolate avocado. Because who wouldn’t want this?!


Happy stocking-stuffing friends! Hopefully, you’re on the nice list.

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