7 White Elephant Gift Ideas That Are Amazingly Cringeworthy



Since we’re all adults here, it’s assumed that everyone is familiar with the concept of White Elephant (or Yankee Swap, Mean Christmas, etc…).

But for those of you who have been living under a rock (or are maybe just too nice to have ever partaken in a somewhat nasty holiday tradition), here’s how it works:

Everyone involved purchases a gift of their choosing — it can be a gag gift, something useful, something that’s downright awful, or something that falls in-between — and wraps said gift and places it under the tree, the group convenes and the first person picks a gift and opens it.

Now, here’s where things get nasty.

The second person to choose a present can either steal the present that’s already been opened, or take a gamble and open up a new one. This goes on and on until everyone in the group has a “gift.”

Basically, this clip from “The Office” sums up the awkwardness (and oftentimes mean feelings) involved with the game.

So, in honor of this (for whatever reason) time honored tradition, we compiled a list of some of the best White Elephant gifts.

Prepare to be inspired.

1. The Selfie Toaster

Do you work with narcissists? Or maybe your coworkers are all big fans of the Kardashians? In case of either scenario, look no further than this #selfie toaster which, uhhh, does exactly what you think it would do: it prints your face on your toast. For real. This really exists.

2. Miley Fans, Listen Up

Are you a big fan of Miley’s music video “We Can’t Stop?” Do you feel like everyone should appreciate it as much as you do? Well, then why not buy them a prop from the video? These (truly terrifying) horse masks are a great way to tell your group of friends or coworkers “I think you should really twerk more.”

3. A Blanket… With Your Face On It

Did you know that Walmart will print any photo of your choosing on a blanket? Yeah, and it’s pretty cheap, too. So, find your best glam shot and get it put on a giant blanket. After all, who doesn’t want to cozy up on the couch with a five-foot photo of your face covering their body?

4. Carrot Body Pillow

Do you know too many single people? Do they always complain about how awful it is to have to sleep alone? Well, it’s about to be some single person’s lucky day — because thanks to you, they’ll be receiving something better than a significant other. They’ll be receiving a carrot body pillow! This provides the warmth and cuddling opportunities without any of the bad stuff that comes with sleeping with someone: snoring, covers stealing, etc. Honestly, it’s the perfect gift. You’re, like, so thoughtful.

5.”I feel really blessed because I genuinely love the process of getting my hair and makeup done.” 

Are you looking to inspire this season? Of course you are! Well, luckily we’ve got you covered. This book of #inspirational Kim Kardashian quotes is sure to leave the lucky recipient of this #speechless.

6. #NastyWoman and #MAGA Gear

If you’re a scrooge and are looking to turn what could be a perfectly lovely party into an all out war, then go ahead and purchase a political T-shirt as your White Elephant gift. Honestly, we dare you. Just promise that you’ll record the ensuing chaos and then immediately send that video on over to us. It has real #viral potential.

7. The “You’ve Given Up” Shirt

This one requires little explanation. If your friend group is full of a bunch of degenerates who have given up on adulting and being healthy, then gift them with this shirt that all but says “I’ve stopped trying.”

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