9 Hangover Remedies That Actually Work

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, many of us are about to get, well, out of our heads.

The obvious problem: the morning after. We will once again find ourselves trapped back in those tiny skulls of ours – praying for relief, so here you go…

1) Bananas

The potassium is what you where peeing out all night; it’s an excellent power-boost and it’s easy to open even through fogged lenses.

2) Exercise

Go for a short run or jog. Many studies show by increasing your heart rate you can help push through the goo of the morning after.

This combined with several bottles of water, you just might make that brunch date you made half-way down last night.

3) Ginger Ale

Ginger root has long been a ‘seasickness’ remedy among mariners, going back centuries (if you’ve ever been sea-sick, it feels an awful lot like a hangover, doesn’t it?).

The soda-version is a quick fix that works for most people.

4) Honey & Lemon Tea


This is a great one. Honey contains a form of fructose that’s easily absorbed – which will replace much of what your body lost during heavy drinking.

White sugar takes too long to absorb so is not a recommended substitute for that quick re-balance in your system.

5) Sports Drinks


You probably already have these in your fridge; the sugars combined with electrolytes are a good start to improving your day since these are the two things your body was deprived of via the booze.

Coconut water is the all-natural version.

I’d recommend sticking with lemon-lime. In case you hurl, it won’t stain anything.

6)The Bourdain

An aspirin, a cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, then eat some spicy Szechuan food – world famous traveler, chef and author Anthony Bourdain’s ritual.

He’s a pro, so who are we to argue…

7) Sex

Ok… maybe a slightly odd picture for ‘sex’… but you try to find something on Instagram that you can actually share! 😉

The theory follows the same reasoning as the previously mentioned exercise routine, with one obvious up-side (as long as you aren’t TOO hungover… we don’t need to mention the numerous potential problems with that).

Assuming you played your cards right last night, you’re not waking up alone, so make the most of it. The endorphin rush dilutes the alcohol in your system, and you’re now smiling from ear-to-ear.

8) Planning Ahead


Probably the best way to prevent those monster hangovers (aside from not drinking at all) is to simply plan ahead and make sure you have a glass or bottle of water in between each of your drinks.

Oh… it sounds so sensible and so easy to execute. Then why is it SO HARD to actually do?!

9) Greasy Food

Before, during, after… get some grease into your system. The fat and grease help your body process the alcohol more effectively so it doesn’t go straight to your head.


Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve San Diego!

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