9 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Will Make You Want To Step Up Your Holiday Game

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! With just a few more weekends left in December, it’s getting to be crunch time for those Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus parties to happen. So, don’t wait until the last minute. The time is now to go ahead and start planning that perfect #HolidayParty outfit. Below, find some looks that will seriously put you in the (holiday) spirit.

1. The Almost #UglyChristmasSweater

If you’re not looking to go full #UglyChristmasSweater, that’s okay. Have no fear. There are still plenty of options out there that say “I’m festive… but not festive enough to walk around looking like a goober.”


2. When You’re Funny And Also Not Afraid Of Getting Punched

A photo posted by crayhumor (@crayhumor_) on

Okay, this guy is hilarious. He’s also incredibly brave. Whether or not the caption on the picture is true, we’ll never know. But it does go without saying that wearing this sweater is a gamble. In a world where everything must be politically correct, wearing a mirrored shirt to an ugly Christmas sweater party is quite the (as far as we’re concerned: hilarious) statement. But what is that saying? With great risk comes great reward — so who knows, if you follow in his footsteps, maybe you’ll be a hit.


3. When You Want To Channel Your Inner Choir Teacher

If you want to go above and beyond, wear a button up V-neck sweater… and pair that thing with a turtleneck. Honestly, at this point, what have you got to lose? Go big or go home.


4. For The Hipsters In The Crowd

A photo posted by Lilia Karimi (@lifebylilia) on

Is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater from Goodwill still ironic? What if that ugly Christmas sweater from Goodwill is being worn to an ugly Christmas sweater party? What about now when, thanks to Instagram, people are flocking to Goodwill to buy ugly Christmas sweaters to wear to their ugly Christmas sweater parties so that they can post pictures and get social media head pats? Not ironic anymore, huh? Well, for those hipsters out there — we’ve got the solution. Skip Goodwill (you’ll make it, we promise) and head straight to the mass produced sweaters (again, you’ll be okay) that proudly say “Ugly Christmas Sweater” — and with that — you are back to being the one trolling your friend group, and not the other way around.

5. When You’re A Giant (Elf) In A Big Kid’s Body

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This one is amazing. Honestly, it might win the “best sweater ever” award because, come on, it’s so funny. The little body on the sweater with the big, human head on top — it’s funny! Right? Right. Glad we can all agree.

6. For When You Really Want To Bring Your Dog To The Party

Where our animal lovers at? Yeah, we see you. We see you and we raise you this sweater. So the next time you claim to be the “best dog mom ever,” make true to your word, slap a photo of your dog on your sweater, and wear that piece of clothing like you are wearing this season’s Versace. Go one. We dare you.


7. #LetsGetPolitical

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Looking to turn your holiday party with friends into your Thanksgiving dinner with family part 2? Really? Are you a masochist? Meh. Who are we to judge. If starting political fights at parties is your cup of tea, then look no further than this sweater. It’s sure to get some comments.


8. It’s Cool, You’re Obsessed With Tumblr — Embrace it

A photo posted by Sara Griffith (@starsharks) on

If Tumblr is your thing, then this is without a doubt going to be the best sweater you’ll ever see in your life. Get one for yourself — and prepare for your fellow Tumblr lovers to scream “ERMAHGERD!” in jealousy.

9. When There’s A Prize Involved And You Need To #Win

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Do you suffer from Monica Geller syndrome? (For those of you heathens (aka non “Friends” people), that means you need to win. Always.) If so, then this is the look you need to emulate at your next holiday party. The tacky leggings, the silk blouse from the 80s, and the VEST – good Lord, that vest — combines to be the best, most insanely tacky outfit in existence.

What a job well done.

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