AleSmith Honors Women In Brewing With Pink Boots Society Collaboration Blend

AleSmith Brewing Company is celebrating and spreading awareness for women in the industry with a new Rye IPA, brewed by the women of AleSmith and featuring the 4th Annual Pink Boots Society Hop Blend. The collaboration brew will be released on March 20th, touting an eye-catching label designed by local tattoo artist, Paula Hathaway.

AleSmith Honors Women In Brewing With Pink Boots Society Collaboration Blend

Proprietary hob blend for a cause

Pink Boots Society partners with Yakima Chief Hops and Country Malt Group each fall to craft a seasonal, proprietary hop blend through an extensive selection process. The chosen blend is then released for commercial and home brewers everywhere to purchase and use in their own Collaboration Brew Day beers today, March 8th, International Women’s Day, or on any brew day throughout the year.

“Although different from previous years, we’re excited to get to be a part of the collaboration this year,” says Kristen Ballinger, AleSmith’s Marketing Communications Manager. “This is always an amazing opportunity to get together with some awesome ladies in the industry – in this case, within our company – and raise money for a great cause.”

“Massively hopped”

This year, AleSmith has decided to use Pink Boots Society’s 3rd Annual Hop Blend from 2020, which features a well-rounded mix of Pacific Northwestern hop varieties including Loral, Mosaic, Simcoe, Sabro and Glacier. The result is a massively hopped American IPA with a soft, spicy hint of rye and notes of tropical fruits, pine and citrus.

Over $250K raised

Since 2018, Yakima Chief Hops and Country Malt Group have donated over $250,000 to Pink Boots Society from Pink Boots Blend proceeds.

To learn more about Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day, visit here. Keep an eye out for AleSmith’s special Rye IPA blend to be released on March 20th in their Tasting Room!

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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