ArtReach’s Annual Charity Art Auction Features Custom-Designed Electra Bicycles

ArtReach is hosting a Charity Art Auction to support free visual arts education for youth at San Diego County schools and community centers.

Electra Bicycle Company, a San Diego-based company and the leading lifestyle bicycle brand in the U.S., has generously donated a collection of cruiser bikes and bike accessories to be designed by local artists.

Charity Art Auction Features Custom-Designed Electra Bicycles

“When the opportunity came up to partner with ArtReach, we were thrilled,” said Kevin Cox, president at Electra Bicycle Company. “One of Electra’s core values is artistry. As designers, we are always working on new and creative ways to excite and delight people with our products. Being able to provide our bikes as a canvas for young, local artists to explore has been a real treat. I know their designs will be awesome, as well as inspiring!”

Interested bidders can join the auction now

Ten bicycles and 60+ accessories are available through an online auction from April 1st through April 30th, 2023. All auction items will be displayed at Mission Fed ArtWalk in the Piazza della Famiglia April 29th & 30th.

Proceeds from the auction directly benefit ArtReach’s programs for young people that do not otherwise have access to visual arts opportunities.

Interested bidders can bid online now. Please click here.

Charity Art Auction Features Custom-Designed Electra Bicycles

About the Annual Charity Art Auction for ArtReach

ArtReach’s annual Charity Art Auction is a highly anticipated event that showcases the talent of local and renowned artists. The fundraiser challenges artists to transform ordinary objects into unique and extraordinary works of art, highlighting the idea that anything can be art.

bike helmet
bike helmet
bike helmet

By participating in the auction, artists have the opportunity to expand their client base while supporting arts programs for youth.

Twenty-nine local artists are participating in this year’s Charity Art Auction. Among them, ten artists took to the challenge to transform the bicycles, including Becca Dwyer, Cherise Goode, Don Masse, Hanna Daly, Jen Duran, Kate Joiner, Lost + Profound, Nicholas Danger, Sarah Stieber, and Theresa Vandenberg Donche.

For more information about Charity Art Auctions for ArtReach, visit here.

See you there, San Diego!

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