Pacific Beach Gets A Badass New Transplant from Portland – Bishops Barbershop!

Pacific Beach is about to get a new transplant!

And this one’s kind of a big deal.

Originally hailing from Portland, Oregon, the super hip barber-shop-meets-hair-salon of Bishops has opened doors in over 20 locations across Washington, Arizona, Oregon – heck, even Ohio!

And on Friday, September 1st, they open a new set of doors. Right in our very own Pacific Beach.

So what’s their secret, anyway? What makes a hair salon stand out like this?

Could it be the skill with which they create a unicorn-do?

Maybe it’s their sweet blog that makes them different than the rest…

Or could it be because they’re not afraid of any man-jumper?

Maybe it’s the tats?

The beards?

Perhaps it’s because Bishops has always been about giving back. Over the past couple of years, they’ve donated well over $50,000 in cash or services to schools or non-profits like Cascade Aids Project, Brandley Angle, NARAL, American Diabetes Association, and many more.

It could also, simply, be their offering to clients: An a-la-carte menu of services, on a walk-in basis, for affordable prices.

Whatever it is, there is no doubt that these guys are emerging as a national presence in hair care. And we’re proud to have them in our very own Pacific Beach!

Officially open as of September 1st – let’s show them what San Diego love is all about!

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