The Thanksgiving Hard Cider Pairing Guide By Bivouac Ciderworks

We’re well into ‘cider season’, and historically, cider IS America’s ‘national drink’, so it’s no surprise that we think that stocking up on some locally-made hard cider is a natural choice for pairing with a traditional Thanksgiving meal!

Versatile and complex, cider is food-friendly and known to provide better pairing options for a broader variety of foods than most other options — and its lower alcohol content is ideal for all-day sipping while you’re in the kitchen doing your prep work.

There are a lot of choices out there, so our friend and Bivouac Ciderworks founder, Lara Worm, put together some suggested hard cider pairings for each Thanksgiving course, from welcome glass to dessert.


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The Welcome Glass/Apéritif:  “True Lovers” rosé cider (bubbly, dry, strawberry, tannic)

Whether you’re a guest or hosting, it’s nice to have something pink, sparkly, and refreshing to sip before dinner. Bivouac’s True Lovers rosé cider is the perfect beverage to get the party started – it’s light & dry and a little boozy to help prepare you for family time.


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The Apps: “Albright” pear-apple cider (floral, tannic, vanilla, semi-dry)

From brie en croûte and bruschetta to charcuterie, Albright starts the meal. Bivouac’s tannic, slightly sweet pear-apple cider is the perfect accompaniment to salty, savory starters.


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The Celebratory Meal: “Savoy” english-pub apple cider (traditional crisp semi-sweet apple) & “San Diego Jam” blackberry cider (full-bodied, tart, semi-sweet)

If your family is anything like ours, the main meal requires multiple trips back to fill up your plate and, thus, necessitates not one, but two cider pairings for the main meal.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, and cranberry sauce pair perfectly with Bivouac’s Savoy, a tannic, semi-sweet, traditional old-world apple cider. And for your second plate, San Diego Jam, full-bodied enough to stand up to all of your favorite foods, but tart and juicy, to cut through and wash down all of that butter and salt.


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Dessert: “Cat’s Paw” pumpkin spice cider

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, dream bars, and crème brûlée, need we say more? No matter how you satisfy your sweet tooth, Cat’s Paw pumpkin spice cider is the perfect pairing to end your favorite meal of the year. It’s nostalgic, smooth & sweet, and tastes best when you’ve already put on your PJs.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

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