Chef Bear Of Cow By Bear Dinner Series Releases Seasonal Cocktail Book “Booze By Bear”

Chef Bear, most notably recognized from his Cow by Bear pop-up dinner series, has released a premium cocktail book titled Booze by Bear: 25 Cocktails for Seasonal Living.

This 72-page book features 25 unique cocktail recipes divided into seasons along with full-color photos, a complete index, a notebook section for your inner bartender words to come and, true to Cow by Bear form, surprises along the way.


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“Booze by Bear was inspired by the idea of seasonal living,” says Chef Bear, author of Booze by Bear and creator of the Cow by Bear dinner series. “As a wild animal, I’ve always lived by the seasons. But to drink by the seasons is what separates cubs from bears.”

Bear’s backstory

As a cub, Bear was in search of a family he never had. His parents were killed by poachers and he was kidnapped and put in a circus. After escaping the circus, Bear went into isolation before resurfacing 15 years later in France where he began his culinary journey. Many doubted Bear’s culinary skills, refusing to believe that a bear could cook.

After spending time training at some of the best restaurants in the world, Bear craved sunshine and ended up in San Diego, CA with an idea to create something different from a traditional restaurant.

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year, Bear started his Cow by Bear dinners in 2011 to recreate how dinner goes down in the wild, bringing people together to enjoy a majestic feast. Every dinner is an experiment and unique from the location and menu to the guest list, creating a sensational culinary experience.


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Bear has broken the stereotype that bears just want to hunt, proving instead that bears are the gourmands of the world. Bears are social beasts and Bear believes that the bigger your family is, the happier you are. He says life is about singing, dancing and drinking with people, cooking for them and laughing together. Bear loved being immersed in human culture and being able to celebrate with his newfound family.

Due to COVID-19, Bear was forced to put his Cow by Bear dinner series on pause and retreated back into the woods to quarantine. Longing to reconnect with the human family he spent years creating, Bear spent his time in quarantine working on a seasonal cocktail book.


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A must-have for every home bar

Booze by Bear is broken up into four sections (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) allowing him to give everyone fresh flavors all year long. Booze by Bear features some of Bear’s favorite cocktails including a Kodiak Kooler, Loco in Acapulco and Shy Bear. A must-have for every home bar, the unique design of this 4×5 book fits comfortably in your paw and slips neatly into your pocket, making it the perfect gift for the cocktail lover in your life.

Booze by Bear is available for purchase for $10 and can be purchased here. To learn more about Bear and his gastronomic adventures, visit here and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Stay healthy, San Diego!

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