California Culinary Arts Institute Launches New Culinary Program For Teens & Kids

Beginning January 29th, California Culinary Arts Institute (CCAI), the sought-after resource for education and expert hands-on training for chefs and pastry chefs located in the heart of San Diego’s Barrio Logan neighborhood, will be offering a new culinary course program for teens and kids.

For professional training…or simply the love of cooking!

This six-week course is designed to prepare individuals ages 10 to 17 for adult chef certifications, working in a restaurant kitchen, those who have hopes to participate in cooking competitions such as MasterChef Junior, or who simply enjoy cooking at home and desire to gain professional-level training.

Each student works closely with seasoned chef instructors certified by the American Culinary Federation to learn the preliminary foundations and classic techniques of cooking meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, starches, and sauces, as well as baking breads and desserts; the knowledge and skills that all chefs and bakers must master for a successful career.

“After receiving numerous inquiries and requests, we are extremely excited to be offering this new essential course for young aspiring chefs and bakers,” said Chef Sohrab Zardkoohi, founder and lead instructor at California Culinary Arts Institute. “Nothing gives me more of a sense of purpose and accomplishment than passing on my knowledge to others so they can learn techniques and develop skills that will ultimately enable them to excel in future careers.”

Hours to accommodate students’ school schedules

To accommodate students’ school schedules, the six-week 60-hour program is held on Saturdays and Sundays from 9AM until 2PM. All the necessary ingredients, tools, and equipment will be provided to each student as part of the $1,200 tuition, including one apron and two kitchen towels as well as a copy of all recipes made throughout the course.

CCAI keeps it curriculum fresh and classes small—never more than 10 students—taught by an experienced chef assisted by never less than two other cooking and baking professionals, at the ready to assist students in its modern kitchen classrooms,

Students who would like more information visit here or who wish to enroll can email [email protected] or call 858- 868-1401.

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See you there, San Diego!

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