Why You Need To Stop By The Cat Cafe In San Diego – Right Meow!

We think it’s clear: The world is divided in two types of people – cat people and dog people. For the purposes of this feature, we’re talking to you, crazy cat people!


The Cat Cafe is one of San Diego’s awesome hidden attractions, as obviously there are not many cafes where patrons can play with and adopt cats while enjoying a latte.


The Cat Cafe opened in 2015 and has since been a place for cats and their coffee-loving humans to get a little one-on-one time.

The cafe got so much traction when it opened that staff had to put a 20-person limit on the cat room. In a story featured in the San Diego Union Tribune, Owner Tony Wang said, “I knew there would be a demand for this, but it happened a lot faster than I was expecting.”


The concept of cat cafes actually originated in Taiwan and quickly became popular with locals and tourists. A lot of the apartment housing in Japan is not pet-friendly, making cat cafes ideal for cat lovers who can’t own one. It was also seen as a way to de-stress and unwind.


At The Cat Cafe in San Diego, the cat “playpen” is kept separate from the cafe due to strict food service regulations, but guests are allowed to bring their coffee into the cat room and hang out for a while. (Please check out the rules of The Cat Cafe as they are intended to ensure the safety and well-being of the cats.)

You don’t have to be an adopter to play with the cats, but if you are interested, they are happy to oblige!


The cafe has partnered with the San Diego Humane Society, freeing up space in the kennels and giving the cats a much better stay while they wait for their forever home. During the two years that they partnered with the society, the cafe adopted out 219 cats. Earlier this year, The Cat Cafe started bringing cats in from The Rescue House.

The Cat Cafe is located at 472 Third Ave, San Diego, CA 92101. If you are one of those crazy cat people and you have yet to check out The Cat Cafe, you better get there – right meow!

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