Ciao Ciao Piadina Brings The Spirit Of Italian Aperitivo To La Jolla

Italy does so many things right, especially when it comes to enjoying food, drink, and socializing. Aperitivo is one of those things, and the newly opened Ciao Ciao Piadina has captured the spirit of the Italian tradition and brought it to La Jolla.

What is Aperitivo?

Aperitivo is the Italian tradition of meeting with friends after work to enjoy a light alcoholic beverage and salty snack, to prep the palate before your meal.

It’s the equivalent of the American happy hour but done in an oh-so-Italian way.

The Aperitivo Social Club

Capturing that ‘oh-so-Italian’ way authentically outside of Italy is hard, but Ciao Caio Piadina has done it.

Billing itself as the Aperitivo Social Club, Ciao Ciao Piadina has the fun and flair that you’d expect to find at a charming little cafe in Italy. Close your eyes, listen to the DJ, and smell the salt air while you sip your spritz cocktail, and you can convince yourself that you’re back at your favorite caffè in Capri!

This concept is the brainchild of Francesco Burnazzi, whose dream was to bring some of his favorite Italian traditions to Southern California. Partnering with the established and experienced restauranteurs of Ambrogio 15 and the creativity of Lauren Turton, the three combined to make something unique in San Diego.

The menu

The main menu features piadina, an artisan Italian flatbread sandwich, and other tasty, lighter Italian dishes.

But the real gem of the experience is the Aperitivo Menu served from 4-9 pm, when $29 will open your tab and each guest will get one drink and unlimited bites and finger foods all night to enjoy with their friends.

Of course, additional drinks can be purchased to keep the evening flowing.

The spritz cocktails are just the thing to wind down from the day and get ready for the evening ahead. Have a couple while enjoying laughs with friends and listening to the DJ in the background, and you’ll be feeling your ‘la dolce vita’ vibes in no time.

Ciao Ciao Piadina can be found at 510 Pearl Street in La Jolla.

Word is getting out, so make those reservations early!

See you there!

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