Cloak & Petal Unveils Edgy New Dining Room, Sushi Bar, And Happy Hour Specials

Cloak & Petal – the Japanese social dining hotspot in Little Italy – recently opened a new sushi bar and additional dining room, adding to the beautiful bar and main dining room that have created buzz in Little Italy since they opened in late 2017.

The sushi bar sits in the new back dining room, which adds a new spin to the already edgy and stylish design ethos of Cloak & Petal. The design feels very much like the underground Tokyo subway environment – raw, urban, graffitied – that apparently inspired much of the design of Cloak & Petal.

We like it! I mean, any restaurant that has paintings of Tupac and Biggie is a-ok by us!

First We Drink!

The cocktails here are always amazing. I think it’s a shame to come here unless you a planning on enjoying at least one or two! I recommend that you start with the ‘Japanese to English‘ – essentially a Japanese Manhattan made with Japanese whiskey, spice of amaro, and Italian torino. It will warm you up fast!

If you are looking for something lighter and sweeter, I love the Shogun. This one is tequial-based with creamy cashew milk, lemon, maraschino, and spice combing for a tasty treat.

Stepping Up Their Sushi Game!

Cloak & Petal imported a sushi chef from out of state to take the lead at their new sushi bar.

On the menu you’ll find the signature dishes that have been popular since Cloak & Petal’s opening, such as the Wagyu Roll:

But don’t hesitate to opt for omakase service – the chef was very confident in introducing us to some off-menu dishes we’d never tried before that were amazing.

New Happy Hour Menu

Cloak & Petal unveiled a new happy hour menu to go along with their back room. Savor $8 Hot Sake, $5 Large Asahi, $6 Sushi Rolls and $4 Hand Rolls. Sushi specials include your choice of Spicy Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon, California or Veggie, and are available Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m.

See You There!

Cloak & Petal is one of the better cocktail + people watching spots in the city, and now has the sushi bar to go along with it! Begin your weekend nights here for the perfect high-energy start to the evening, or stop in at the end of the work day to take the edge off with their happy hour specials.

We’ll see you there!


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