Dine In European Bliss With Ponsaty’s French Dinner Series

Photo provided by Ponsaty’s.

Go on and take a culinary journey through Europe – you deserve it! In fact, for you, we have just the one!

Dine in overseas bliss without the fear of misplacing your passport nor the hassle of international travel – all courtesy of the highly revered French restaurant, Ponsaty’s in Rancho Santa Fe.


Ponsaty’s is launching an epic French dinner series at the beginning of March running through the month of June. Each month will have a themed menu dedicated to a specific region in France.

French Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty will be launching this savory Spring-Summer series starting March 1st.

Photo provided by Ponsaty’s.

First stop, the Basque Country (Euskadi). Travel to this legendary region through Chef Patrick’s menu that highlights the rich cuisine and culture of the area. The bill of fare includes Joue De Cochon Kintoa, braised pork in irouleguy wine with pancetta and brussel sprouts and Chipiron A L’Encre stuffed calamari, squid ink sauce and piquillo pepper.


Photo provided by Ponsaty’s.

Order dishes individually (tapas size) or taste the entire menu; add a wine pairing for an additional cost.

Upcoming menus include:

  • Basque “Euskadi” Menu: March 1st – 11th
  • lsace Menu: April 1st – 15th
  • Midi Pyrenees “Toulouse” Menu:  May 1st – 13th
  • Provencal Menu: June 1st – 15th

Here’s the thing: A lot of people will undoubtedly be trying to take this edible journey through Europe… so reservations are highly recommended. Make yours by calling (858) 771-1871!

ponsaty's french dinner menu
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