Let’s Get Skinny with Fat! FREE CLASS

Let's Get Skinny

Lets get Skinny with Fat

This presentation will discuss the different types of fatty acids and how the fat we eat impacts our bodies. The role of fatty acids in your health and optimal functioning will be discussed. A brief review of the current science behind the current popular high fat diets will be shared. Ketosis anyone? Finally, a detailed discussion of the balance of fat and other macronutrients will help you plan your meals to meet your goals.

Lisa is a functional nutritionist with a passion to help others reach their fullest potential. She has competed in a variety of different sports throughout her life and studied physiology and nutrition to enhance her own performance. Starting down a career path of sport and nutrition she became a high school track coach and then went on to gain certification as a fitness trainer and managed a fitness and nutrition center in a large gym.
Her career ambitions took a turn and she went on to earn a Masters and Doctorate in Education to work as a School Counselor and Professor of Education, respectively. After fulfilling 12 years in the field of education Lisa decided to return her career to her passion of health and sport.
In becoming a Certified Nutritional Therapist she learned more about how our bodies function and how nutrients interact with the body.
Trained in functional evaluation Lisa assess each client to determine nutritional deficiencies and then how to support each bio-unique body so it may perform at its highest capacity.
Lisa is still active in her non-competitive sports. She can often be found on her road bike or surfing with her kids and husband. If she can’t be found, the family has probably escaped to the mountains for some skiing and climbing.

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