The Puzzalarium Presents HearSay: The Party At Howell Manor

On September 9th, 1931, John Howell hosted a party. It was the last time anyone ever saw him alive.

Thirty guests attended that evening. A love of Howell’s, police, pastors, cultists, friends, family. All came, all of them met Howell, and yet even they could not explain what exactly had happened. And they tried. For 40 years.

Let’s go back in time and put yourself in their shoes. Can you?

an antique-looking key in a box

The Puzzalarium Murder Mystery Megagame is On!

Buy your tickets now if you want to try to answer the question once and for all! Who was Howell? What happened to him? And how can a mansion go missing?

This is a social deduction Megagame starring The Puzzalarium escape rooms and everything inside it. Everything is connected. Intimately. Connected.

See you there…if you dare.

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