Your Guide To This Week’s San Diego Concerts

Whether you want to experience old favorites or classic acts reimagined, you’re in luck. San Diego pulls out all of the stops this week along the nostalgic pathway of by-gone decades. Feeling ‘90s indie? ‘70s disco? Choose from a smattering of groovy pop and jammy rock.

CalPhonics – 2/24

Music Box

Little Italy

The most eclectic cover band you’ll ever encounter, the CalPhonics play ’90s R&B, soul, rock and pop; ’80s pop, soul, R&B and rock; ’70s soul, R&B,and disco; and a variety of tunes from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s.

Not to mention, you’ll “Get Lucky,” hear modern pop and hip hop covers, fall “Crazy in Love,” bring out all of the “California Girls” and try to avoid a “Bad Romance.”

Talk about an eventful night.

The Staves – 2/24

The Casbah

Little Italy

Ever feel “Tired as F*ck”? The Staves sympathize. The three sisters from Watford, Hertfordshire, England play folk-rock, last touring with Bon Iver.

Catch the bluesy harmonizing vocals of a trio that knows one another’s voices intimately.

Gavin Turek – 2/24

Soda Bar

City Heights

You need more electro R&B in your life and you didn’t even know it. You need some Donna Summers with your Beyoncé and some ‘70s glamor with your gospel.

Enter Gavin Turek to soothe your soul with some soulful dance music. A tour de force, Turek draws many comparisons but is truly an act unto herself.

Come celebrate the recent (February 17th) release of her EP Good Look for You.

Pinback – 2/25


North Park

Ready for a healthy dose of nostalgia? Travel back in time to 1998 with San Diego indie rockers Pinback.

Did you know the band’s name comes from a character from the 1974 John Carpenter film Dark Star? Pinback’s earlier tunes feature audio clips from the film. Go back and listen to them—be amazed.

Dark Star Orchestra – 2/25

The House of Blues

Downtown San Diego

For nearly 19 years, Dark Star Orchestra has carried on the Grateful Dead legacy, drawing from the Dead’s extensive catalog to allow fans, old and new, the chance to experience the Grateful Dead correctly: live.

Honoring both the band and the fans, Dark Star Orchestra seeks to keep an ever-evolving improvisational setlist.

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