Winter Means Whale Watching Season In San Diego

Every winter, hundreds of Gray Whales make their annual 12,400-mile round trip journey between their northern feeding grounds off Alaska to Baja California, passing San Diego along the way.

The tour guides at La Jolla-based adventure and apparel company, Everyday California, have already reported sightings, meaning this whale watching season has kicked off, and they want to help you get up close and personal with these majestic creatures!

See the whales up close and personal!

A great way to see (and possibly interact) with these majestic animals is via one of Everday California’s kayaking tours. The natural boat launch in La Jolla provides the only place kayaks can safely enter the Pacific Ocean all winter. Not only do these tours put local adventurers right into the whale’s natural habitat, but it’s a great way to get close to the animals without disturbing them with a loud engine.

The two-hour tour heads due west from the shore and stops about two miles out, putting adventurers alongside the path of the whale migration. The Everyday California guides know the best spots to view gray whales and will offer interesting facts and history about the surrounding area and marine life along the voyage.

You can hit the water with kayak tours and rentals daily.

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See you there, San Diego!

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