The First All-Female Mural Art Walk Is Coming To San Diego!

Check this out! Two of our amazing local artists and entrepreneurs are working hard to bring the first all-female mural walk to San Diego!

Art walks are an amazing way to bring art into the community, and the Ladies Who Paint Mural Walk will bring in the top talent of artists from around the world to paint large scale art pieces on the sides of buildings in the East Village neighborhood! This is the perfect way to create a beautiful, unique, outdoor gallery in our city.

Who’s behind the plan?

None other than Phoebe Cornog and Roxy Prima of Pandr Design Co. These ladies are mural pros! They’ve painted close to one hundred murals across the U.S. and in three countries abroad, and are known for our bright color palettes and unique letter forms in our work.

They also run a successful podcast, teach workshops and webinars about running a creative business, and speak at conferences.

Last but not least, they run the non-profit Ladies Who Paint, whose mission is to create lasting impact on the community of San Diego through the use of public murals created by international and local female muralists, while empowering women in the artistic industry and beyond.

In other words…they’re hustling!

Why an all-femal art walk?

The art walk will bring culture and life into the streets of downtown, and make the neighborhood feel more inviting and safe. Mural events in general are extremely male-dominated, yet there are so many amazingly talented female muralists and street artists. In today’s social climate, Phoebe and Roxy feel that this is the perfect opportunity to support and celebrate female artists while also adding art to the community of San Diego.

When is this taking place?

The mural walk will take place September 28 through October 5, a great time of year for painting – it’s prime post-tourism season in San Diego and the temperatures will be perfect.


The East Village neighborhood of San Diego will benefit from this amazing event, giving the neighborhood an outdoor gallery that will make the neighborhood feel more inviting, attract tourists, bring in more foot traffic, and add visibility for local businesses.

Who are the artists?

They have an incredible lineup of artists set to participate, including Flox, Niki Zarrabi, Etta Vee, Cyla Costa, Tierney Milne, L Star Murals, Jennet Liaw, Juuri, Janie Rochfort, Alli Koch!

How is this event supporting the artists?

The artists will be given the professional treatment they deserve, including:

  • An all expenses paid trip to SD
  • Round trip flights for all participants
  • Accommodations for one week stay in San Diego
  • Transportation for the week
  • Group dinners at San Diego’s best restaurants
  • A large wall for each lady to paint with artistic freedom
  • All paint supplies needed to create their masterpiece
  • And photo and video coverage of the festival to help bring visibility to their work!

There will also be a closing party open to the public to wrap up the week!

How you can help

The art walk needs funding and sponsorship, and Phoebe and Roxy have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of supporting the artists they are bringing to town.

You can learn more here.

You can get more details about the event and corporate sponsorship opportunities at the Ladies Who Paint website.

Let’s show our support and help bring this amazing event to our city!

See you there!


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