8 Deserts That Will Make Your Cheat On Your Low Carb Diet… And Be Happy About it.

Dessert. There are very few problems it can’t fix and no celebration is complete without it. For anyone in San Diego who always has room for something sweet, here are eight desserts you can’t miss next time your craving is calling.

1. Almond Joy – Juniper & Ivy

Inspired and named from the famous chocolate bar, the Almond Joy has almost surpassed The Yodel in terms of popularity. Elevated by the use of different temperatures and textures, this dessert starts with a base of salty chopped Marcona topped with a layer of creamy chocolate, a scoop of coconut sorbet with hints of kaffir lime and a baked pavlova meringue on top.

Photo credit: Jim Sullivan

2. S’mores – Campfire

Campfire brings the best part of camping to your table with this dessert. Roast your own house-made marshmallows over heated coals and place it between fresh sugar graham cookies with salted caramel dark chocolate for an upgraded take on the classic s’more. Put down the Hershey’s and pick this up instead.

Photo credit: Brian Eastman

3.  Deconstructed Cannoli – Barbusa 

A true Italian tradition, Barbusa’s deconstructed cannoli is a family recipe. When Joe Busalacchi’s mother, Christina, would make cannolis, some of the shells would inevitably break in the process. Grandsons Joey and PJ were inspired to salvage the broken pieces and now Chef Nino Zizzo serves the “broken” shells with a side dish of sweetened ricotta cheese (perfect for dipping) along with chocolate chips and pistachios. Did we mention it’s also served with luxardo cherries?

4. Bananas Foster – Hello Betty

Do you know what pairs perfectly with an ocean view and coastal cuisine? Hello Betty’s tribute to a mouthwatering Southern staple — Bananas Foster. This dessert is turned into a sundae with Dulce de Leche ice cream, Bananas Foster sauce, caramel krispies, toasted almonds and topped with whipped cream.

5. Semifreddo – Catania

Named for the Sicilian city, Catania boasts a menu of Italian coastal cuisine from their appetizers to their desserts. Their semifreddo is the perfect summer dessert — although, we’d happily eat it in the winter, too. Made with Nutella, hazelnut, olive oil and saba, a sweet syrup made from cooked-down grape juice, it’s the perfect thing to share — or not to.

Photo credit: Jim Sullivan

 6. Cococarma – Slater’s 50/50

If you took a Samoa Girl Scouts cookie and a slice of German chocolate cake, mixed them together, and stuck them in the oven, you’d end up Slater’s 50/50 Cococarma. This skillet-baked shortbread cookie is covered with toasted coconut caramel frosting, then topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate and caramel sauce.

7. Cinnabread – Woodstock’s Pizza 

What do you get when you combine pizza and dessert? Heaven, that’s what. Woodstock’s cinnabread is a warm pizza pie smothered with brown sugar, cinnamon and icing. Customize it with apple, bacon or caramelized pecans to take it up a notch.

8. E-Legal – Bare Back Grill 

The biggest problem with cookies is that they aren’t big enough. Fortunately, Bare Back solved this problem with the E-Legal, a giant half baked chocolate chip cookie served à la mode in a cast iron skillet. It’s warm, it’s gooey, and it’s the perfect size.

Summer is here in San Diego and things are getting hot. No question about it; one of these 8 desserts will more than cool you down 😉 !

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