CraftHounds Deliver Craft Beer Straight From The Tap

So picture this: You have a killer week crushing it at that San Diego startup of yours. Or perhaps, you’re just happy the work day is over and you’re home.

Different circumstances, but actually, quite the same solution: You, staying right where you are, but with a nice, fresh beer in your hand.

Enter CraftHounds. Whether you need to celebrate STAT or simply let a load off, this online beer delivery service allows you to do just that while they take care of all of the logistics.

Delivering straight from the tap to your office or living room couch, CraftHounds is more than an incredibly awesome and fast delivery service; they allow you to browse over 4,000 beers from San Diego’s best breweries and bottle shops, build online taste profiles, stay connected to the local beer scene through their eNewsletter and much more.

All you have to do is visit their website,, and start clicking. Explore all of the craft beer near you, compare real-time, in-store prices, and make your selection.

Your beer will be delivered to you within the hour, unless you’d prefer to schedule a specific time and day for a future delivery.

Top it all off with CraftHounds’ mission to support San Diego’s craft breweries (through the likes of collaborations and informative videos like the one below) and this company is becoming quite the resource for all things beer in our fine city.

A delivery service, a collaborator, and a major supporter of the beer community above all else sounds like a lot, but, CraftHounds, we San Diegans sure appreciate it!

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