Gallo Brothers Behind Civico 1845 Set To Open New Bankers Hill Concept

In early 2019, Dario and Pietro Gallo, the Calabrian-born brothers behind lauded Civico 1845 in Little Italy, will open their next culinary venture – a homage to their homeland –  in the city’s growing gastronomic hub of Bankers Hill.

Located on the ground floor of the landmark Mister A’s building at the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare of Fifth and Laurel, the Gallo brothers will share a part of the southern coast of Italy not often experienced. Expect a relaxed, contemporary approach to cuisine rooted in the birthplace of ‘Nduja and Calabrian chili pepper, but with a nod to the history of decades past.

The concept will be the second under the overarching company “Semper ad Maiora” reflecting the Gallo family’s philosophy “always toward greater things.”

We can’t wait!

See you there!



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