Giardino Brings Fresh Mozzarella Making Tableside

Giardino has some fun news for foodies who love a good dinner and a show!

The Lemon Grove restaurant, which is already known for its Monday Cheese Wheel Pasta presentation, is bringing the authentic and fine art of making mozzarella to its tables on March 3rd.

Master cheese maker Rodolfo Mercurio

Giardino Brings Fresh Mozzarella Making Tableside

Giardino is bringing in local master cheesemaker, Rodolfo Mercurio of A Mano, to provide the live cheese-making experience all night. The art form was taught to him by his family, a tradition that has been passed down for hundreds of years.

Guests will get a front-row seat to fresh mozzarella making, from start to finish. The final dish is Treccia mozzarella, or braided mozzarella, served with greens, tomato and crostini.

You can add the tableside Mozzarella experience to their meal for only $20 on March 3rd. Reservations are recommended. Click here.

See you there, San Diego!

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