GoFundMe: Help Save the Alpacas!

Not our usual programming, but we were compelled to share with you a GoFundMe launched by Kelly Thor and Ryan Jimenez, who are fighting the City of Escondido to save their alpacas, Bubba & Einstein, from being removed from their property.

The campaign can be found through this link: https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-the-alpacas-zoning-code-change

GoFundMe: Help Save the Alpacas - Zoning Code Proposal

Hear it straight from the source…

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kelly Thor, and along with Ryan Jimenez, we are standing up against the City of Escondido to save our alpacas, Bubba & Einstein, from being removed from our property AND we need your help!

Alpacas are quiet, gentle, innocuous animals that the City of Escondido regards as cows for purposes of zoning (Chapter 33, Article 6, Table 33-95A ), and therefore requires the owners (us) to remove the alpacas from this (our) property, their home. We request a re-evaluation of the alpaca’s designation within the Escondido Zoning Ordinance, so that alpacas are included in the miniature horse category, due to their similarities in use, characteristics and land requirements.

GoFundMe: Help Save the Alpacas - Zoning Code Proposal

In order to propose a change to the animals zoning ordinances, we will be submitting an amendment proposal. An amendment to the zoning code is a public hearing process and requires Planning Commission and City Council review/approvals. In order to facilitate this proposal, a fee of $3,685 is required.

We would love if you could help us achieve our goal of $1,000 to help facilitate this proposal. If you can donate, sign our online petition and/or support us in spirit, we greatly appreciate it!

The Alpacas! Einstein (the whitish/tan alpaca) is the curious one, always wondering what we are up to, whether we have any tasty treats, and loves spending time with our cat, Hemi. Bubba (the brown alpaca) is more reserved but a kid at heart always messing with Einstein, and he loves anything he can brush his fiber against. Not only do Bubba & Einstein bring joy to our family, they also bring joy to our community, kids and adults alike. It is always wonderful to see the school kids walking home, with their parents, stopping along our front fence in hopes of seeing Bubba & Einstein.

GoFundMe: Help Save the Alpacas - Zoning Code Proposal

The Parents! My dream growing up was to own a home in Escondido and raise animals. It took us over 2 years, but Ryan and I were fortunate to purchase a home with over half an acre (.69) of land in Escondido in May of 2017. We looked into the zoning ordinances for the property to make sure it would fit with the lifestyle we wanted to live – raising different kinds of animals on our property. It was/is not clear in the City of Escondido’s animal zoning ordinance (Chapter 33, Article 6, Table 33-95A)  were the alpaca would fall. In order to continue our dream of living in Escondido and raising animals, we ask for a small change or amendment to the zoning code.

Thanks in advance for your support!

– Kelly Thor, Ryan Jimenez, Bubba & Einstein!

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