Good Time Design Opens El Gato Room

Good Time Design, the all-encompassing hospitality and entertainment group, announced the completion of it’s newest project, the El Gato Room.  The same group behind some of San Diego’s favorite hang-outs, including Moonshine Flats and Moonshine Beach.

About El Gato Room

The El Gato Room will serve as an expansion to The Blind Burro. The space previously housed the group’s tiki-bar concept,the Cat Eye Club.

Adding 670 square feet of space to the popular Baja-inspired bar and eatery, the project will be offered as a private dining room. It will be open to patrons while not in use for private events. When in use, the private dining room is partitioned off by a retractable glass garage door. The purpose is to create privacy while still allowing the ambiance from The Blind Burro to come through.

Paying Homage

The name “El Gato Room,” aims to pay homage to the room’s predecessor, as does the room’s largest decor element, a custom mural. In conjunction with the new space, The Blind Burro plans to roll out an updated menu in early 2019.

See you there!

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