The Re-Launched Guild Bar Captures The Spirit Of The Roaring 20’s With Sophistication And Style

The Guild Bar, located inside The Guild Hotel, a cornerstone of San Diego’s downtown and one of our favorite San Diego boutique hotels, is re-launching this Fall with a captivating new look and a classical cocktail menu that dives deep into whimsy and history.

Capturing the spirit of the last “Roaring 20s” era, The Guild Bar seamlessly blends its contemporary setting with a modern nostalgic feel, featuring eight era-specific cocktails, and bringing a sophisticated new option to downtown San Diego’s nightlife scene.

Sophistication And Story-telling At The Guild Bar

A reimagined experience

Upon entering The Guild Bar, guests are drawn into the warm and graceful space, reminiscent of a southern European vacation. The elegant cocktail menu is right at home in the distinctly modernized bar anchored by an intimate cerulean blue banquette featuring Brazilian quartzite countertops with a leathered finish and delicate pendants accompanied by glamorous backlighting.

Reimagined by Lead Bartender Robert Chacon in collaboration with Bar Consultant Lee Zaremba, the bar offers refreshing and tasty cocktails and bites presented with originality and flair to create an intentionally designed experience for their guests.

Sophistication And Story-telling At The Guild Bar

Cocktails inspired by San Diego’s history

Inspiration for each of the eight featured cocktails is pulled from San Diego’s history, like The Dew Drop made in honor of San Diego’s infamous speak-easy that went up in flames at the height of prohibition.

As the story goes, when the fire department arrived on scene, they cracked open the cooler and were in shock to find perfectly sealed bourbon in an ice block. Instead of putting out the fire, they got drunk together and watched the bar burn to the ground; hence the cocktail’s main ingredient, bourbon, accompanied by ginger, lime, sugar, allspice dram, and pomegranate.

The Guild Bar seamlessly blends a contemporary setting with an exciting history, bringing modern nostalgia to life with its refreshing and tasteful cocktail menu.

See you there, San Diego!

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