Beat The Heat With Happy Ice’s Happiness Road Tour In San Diego

Happy Ice is bringing its road tour to San Diego! The Los Angeles-based business built on happiness doles out ultra-premium vegan water ice, which is a slushie/sorbet-like treat made from a classic 40-year-old Philly recipe with an artistic LA twist.

Beat The Heat With Happy Ice's Happiness Road Tour In San Diego

The grand opening of Happy Ice’s first brick-and-mortar store on Melrose Avenue this June came after many COVID-related setbacks and Lemeir’s personal post in front of the store handing out Happy Ice to protesters in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement in LA.


Carlsbad – Friday (28th) The Shoppes of Carlsbad: 12pm-8pm

San Diego –Saturday (29th-30th) Chula Vista Center: 12pm-8pm

Get some happiness from this yummy, cold treat as they come to San Diego!

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See you there…..and stay healthy, San Diego!

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