Herb & Sea Collaborates With Local Coffee Shop

Beloved in the Encinitas community for its brunch and dinner menu reminiscent of a salty, summer, seaside escape, Herb & Sea is highly regarded in the San Diego community, but, despite its acclaim, not many people know about its dedicated drive to work with the local community.

Partnering with Encinitas-born Ironsmith Coffee Roasters, located just around the corner, Herb & Sea showcases their deep love for all things coffee with a new collab with Ironsmith featuring two items:

The Carajillo made with espresso featuring Ironsmith Coffee and Licor 43, a Spanish liquor made with Mediterranean citrus fruit and selected botanicals, with subtle hints of vanilla, chocolate and citrus, provides for the perfect combination of flavors for an after-dinner cocktail.

Lava Cake Chocolate Muffin
Herb & Sea’s executive pastry chef Laura Warren has also crafted a decadent Lava Cake Chocolate Muffin, a play on Herb & Sea’s famous Chocolate Lava Cake dessert, made with Ironsmith Coffee for enhanced flavor and buttermilk for tenderness, with a gooey chocolate ganache truffle center.

The muffin will be available exclusively at Herb & Sea’s Sunday brunch and at Ironsmith Coffee on Mondays while supplies last. This collaboration is one of Encinitas best-kept secrets; now you can end your night with the aromatic Carajillo and start your day with the delectable Lava Cake Chocolate Muffin.

See you there, San Diego!

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