Here Are Ten Of The Highest Paying Jobs In San Diego Right Now

Cha-ching! That’s the sound everyone hopes to hear when it comes to their bank account. With skyrocketing home costs, not to mention all the day-to-day necessities, life in San Diego definitely comes with a steep price tag. Perhaps one of these high paying jobs could help ease the financial burden you may be feeling.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paying profession in San Diego at $255,900 annually belongs to a lucky and no doubt hard working 210 obstetricians and gynecologists. Rounding out the top ten list of jobs with the biggest paychecks are primarily careers in the medical field, but the list is speckled with other interesting professions like natural science managers, human resource managers and software developers, to name a few.

Of course, the salaries for these positions don’t necessarily start out this high but these numbers represent the average annual income in the field. Regardless, our list can definitely give you something to aspire to as you dream about your future career and imagine what life would be like with a massive paycheck.

Here’s a look at a few of the top paying jobs in San Diego, along with the average salary associated with the job title:

1. Obstetricians – $255,900

As if delivering babies and bringing joy to people isn’t rewarding enough, obstetricians are also the highest paid medical professionals in San Diego. So many reasons to go back to school and become a baby doctor!

2. Chief Executives – $205,580

To be a CEO of a major company comes with a lot of responsibility but it also promises great rewards, often in the form of a very high salary. Of course, the worth of a chief executive position varies based on the company but you’ll likely be impressed with the figure.

3. Natural Science Managers – $170,550

For managers who oversee scientists, such as chemists, biologists and physicists, and often perform their own research in their chosen subject, a hefty paycheck is often the reward.

4. Dentists – $168,250

For as much as you may dislike going to the dentist, your dentist is probably very happy to see you. Dentists make a solid amount for filling your cavities, examining your x-rays and always reminding you to floss.

5. Computer and Information Systems Managers – $163,770

As anyone who uses a computer at work can attest, the computer and information systems people are regular life savers. It’s no wonder why they make the big bucks when they’re often responsible for keeping a business up and running in this high tech world.

6. Marketing Managers – $148,430

No business can survive without a good marketing team to promote it. Marketing managers are often rewarded for their creativity and hard work with a large chunk of change each payday.

7. Financial Managers – $142,670

When it comes to managing other people’s money, it’s important to know what you’re doing. By making good decisions and making even more money for their clients or company, financial managers will likely see a boost to their own financial situation as a thank you.

8. Attorneys – $139,440

Lawyers may get a bad rep sometimes but they’re handsomely rewarded for being the butt of people’s jokes. Besides, you never know when you may find yourself in some form of legal tangle – and lawyers know the way out.

9. Human Resources Managers – $126,930

Practically every good-sized company has a human resources manager to keep the business running smoothly. Between hiring new employees and keeping the peace between existing ones, they play a vital role and receive a big paycheck in return.

10. Software Developers and Systems Software – $117,480

If a company is looking to stay relevant and competitive, they need a software developer to stay on top of the new technology trends and help create new programs. For all the specialized knowledge they bring to the table, software developers make the list of highest paying jobs in San Diego.

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