History Happening Now: San Diego History Center’s COVID-19 Initiative

The San Diego History Center has created an initiative called History Happening Now! Share Your Story to engage the community and help San Diegans share their reflections in these unprecedented times. Community stories and contributions will become part of the San Diego History Center’s permanent collection. It is a remarkable opportunity both for the Center and for the region’s residents to preserve history in real-time instead of after the fact.

Bill Lawrence, President and CEO of the San Diego History Center, shares, “To say we are living in a historic moment in this time of uncertainty is an understatement. History is happening now, and it has never been more important for us to reflect upon where we are and have been as a community to understand where we are headed in the future.”

“At the San Diego History Center, we want you, our friends, members, volunteers, donors, and community to know that even though our museums and archives are closed – we are here for you – continuing our vital mission to preserve, reveal and promote the history of our region.”

Lawrence continues, “History provides us perspective. We as a community have been here before and be it a pandemic, earthquake, fire or flood we have come through adversity. History provides the lens that allows us to see that innovation is in our DNA – one of the primary reasons that the scientific work and breakthroughs in battling this virus is being done right here in San Diego.”

All San Diegans are invited to share their COVID-19 story here.

Stay healthy, San Diego!

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