Spend The Long Weekend Camping….You & Yours Style!

Pitch a tent in the backyard and celebrate the holiday weekend with You & Yours Distilling’s Friday night campfire-inspired dinner! They are bringing you sandwiches, picnic salads, and adult s’mores, plus a refreshing summertime cherry cola cocktail!

Grab a Cocktail or Two for the Weekend!

Make weekend sipping simple with fresh, ready-to-drink cocktails! These cocktails now come in two sizes for easy enjoyment — 16 oz (2-3 cocktails) or 32 oz (4-5 cocktails). And don’t miss out on Ch-Ch-Cherry Cola, available this week only!

  • Ch-Ch-Cherry Cola: Y&Y Vodka + cherry +vanilla + sarsaparilla + lemon + Topo Chico
  • Prized Pony: Y&Y Vodka + ginger + lime + mint + peach bitters + Topo Chico
  • Do You Want That Spicy: Sunday Gin + grapefruit + lime + cucumber + sea salt + Topo Chico + serrano bitters
  • Rhubarbie’s Dream House: Sunday Gin + raspberry + rhubarb + pink peppercorn + lemon + Peychaud’s bitters + Topo Chico
  • Negative Calories: London Dry Gin + celery + basil + lemon + orange bitters
  • Christmas in July: London Dry Gin + chai + orange + lime + cinnamon sugar + mint

PLEASE NOTE: Cocktail orders are available for pick-up Friday between 5pm-8pm or Sunday 10am-12pm (must order 24 hours in advance)

Order Cocktails To-Go here!

Enjoy Sunday Funday with To-Go Brunch

This week’s brunch menu brings back an old favorite… Stuffed French Toast Sticks! This time, Chef Cecilia features a strawberry & cream cheese filling inside the cereal-crusted brioche, topped with a maple syrup drizzle. Enjoy these alongside our Spring Quiche and Bloody Mary Toast, which are all included with your brunch order!

Order Sunday Brunch here!

Happy camping, San Diego!