Heads Up! Wonderbus Is Bringing Its Mobile Concert Experience Through San Diego

Born out of the pandemic, Infinium Spirits Wonderbus – a traveling concert on wheels – is bringing its one-of-a-kind concert experience to San Diego!

Constructed on a massive double-decker bus, Wonderbus provides an innovative and safe way to enjoy music. Unlike most stationary music venues, Wonderbus is ready to bring music to the people anywhere, anytime.

The double-decker bus – complete with a full stage  – will be traveling down the coast with the Pacific Ocean and the City as its backdrop. There will also be happy hour drinks served up to go with the music!


Friday, July 30
4:50-5:20PM | Carnitas Snack Shack
5:30-6:00PM | Bootlegger
6:10-6:30PM | Blind Burro
Talent: The Falling Doves

8:15-8:40PM | Sunset Cliffs
8:45-9:15PM | OB Noodle House
9:20-9:50PM | South Beach
Talent: Black Cherry Lightnin’

Saturday, July 31
3:15-3:45PM | Carnitas Snack Shack
3:50-4:20PM | Bootlegger
4:30-5:00PM | Downtown Slow Roll
Talent: Fuzz Huzzi

6:45-7:15PM | MB Jetty
7:25-7:55PM | Mission Drive
8:00-8:30PM | Kate Sessions Park
Talent: The Miles

Sunday, August 1
11:50-12:20PM | Bootlegger
12:30-1:00PM | Blind Burro
1:20-1:50PM | Emcadero Park
2:00-2:30PM | Seaport Village
Talent: Resurrection Radio

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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