Introducing The Airbnb Of Boats: Boatsetter!

My friends, the future of apps and technologies has its plusses and its minuses, but today we are here to talk about a major, major plus!!

Introducing… the Airbnb of… BOATS!

Yes, such a glorious thing exists, and it is all ready for your taking!

If you live in San Diego and don’t have a boat, you now have an awesome, easy option to get out on the water!

Simply hop on your computer or even your cell phone to a perfectly mobile optimized, and quickly be on any nautical vessel of your choosing!

With over 100 locations all over the country and world, embark on anything from a luxurious aquatic vacation in Miami to a simple sail on the San Diego bay.

And the experience on is awesome and intuitive. The site covers details we didn’t even know we needed, like the price per person (if you want to split a trip with friends), if there are fishing rods, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. on board, and – for those looking to rent longer than a half or full day – how many people the boat sleeps and more!

Hmmmm…. We’re thinking a nice chill day with friends on this boat which comes with a paddle board and tube – made extra care-free with the inclusion of a captain:

But if you’ve got this whole boating thing down and are ready to take on the water sans-captain, how about this bad boy, complete with wake boards, tow ropes and more!?

Go on, check out the options yourself. You’ll be happy you did. Whether you are looking for a day fishing with the boys or an amazing last-minute birthday idea for your significant other, Boatsetter is about to make some serious dreams come true!


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