Don’t Miss Jeune Et Jolie’s Holiday Cocktail Launch

At newly Michelin-minted Jeune et Jolie, brilliant fall cocktails highlight the best flavors of the season — not just pumpkin — and lean into winter-warming spirits and fresh holiday spices.

Beverage Director, sommelier, and mezcal expert, Jeremy Simpson, picks his favorite new autumn-inspired winter warmers to keep you cozy during the holiday season.


Campari | Burnt cinnamon | Pear | Falernum | Lemon | Soda

Poire is a bright, refreshing, and complex low-ABV spritz riff that utilizes the fall flavors of burnt cinnamon in the Campari and pear liqueur from France. Fruit forward and bittersweet, it is very clean and pairs well with most dishes on the menu while the clove and lime from the falernum and lemon juices adds a touch of fruit and sweetness to balance.


Cognac | Quince | Vanilla bean | Curacao | Honey | Lemon

This Sidecar riff infuses quince and vanilla bean into dry curaçao, with honey for the added sweetness and a base of cognac and lemon juice. It is flavor-forward, juicy, and mouthwatering.

Fruits de Passion

Tequila | Mezcal | Passion fruit | Coconut cream | Ginger | Lime

Fruits de Passion is served in a long, fix style over crushed ice. Ginger syrup pairs nicely alongside the tartness of the passion fruit with coconut cream and a 3 to 1 ratio of tequila and mezcal.


Rye whiskey | Calvados | Cranberry | Clove | Lime

This Jack Rose (of THE SUN ALSO RISES fame) riff is served with a syrup of reduced cranberry juice and cloves alongside a balance of lemon juice and rye with Calvados.

You shouldn’t have to choose…try them all!

See you there, San Diego!

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