Juniper and Ivy Launches New Autumn-Inspired Cocktails

At Juniper and Ivy in Little Italy, new fall/holiday programs mean cocktails are shifting to include spirits like falernum ( a nutty, rum-based liqueur indigenous to Barbados), and rye whiskeys. Spices like clove and star anise cozy up to vegetables including beets and, yes, pumpkin too.

Beverage Director and sommelier, Nick Gergen, picks his favorite new autumn-inspired shaken and direct cocktails:

The Beet Rock Steady
Ford’s Gin | Malahat Spiced Rum | Beets | Lemon | Fall spice
This cocktail uses beet liquid from the Executive Chef Jason Franey’s kitchen and local spiced rum from Malahat.

PSL (Pumpkin Spice Libation)
Old Overhold Rye | Velvet Falernum | Pumpkin | Clove | Star anise | Lemon
Incorporates the same pumpkin puree from Pastry Chef Lindsay Sipress’ semifreddo pumpkin cheesecake dessert along with rye and a nut-spiced liquer.

Gentiane Giant
Mitcher’s Rye | Bonal | Fernet Branca | Genepy
A gateway cocktail for those anti-fernet folks. High-quality rye whiskey paired with an herbal liquor and gentiane-forward amaro.

We plan on trying them all!

See you there, San Diego!

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