These Kids Are Building Real, Beautiful Computers!

Kids are lucky. They get to build cool things.

There’s Build A Bear, Legos, dollhouses, Erector Sets…

And now, in San Diego, there’s ‘build a computer.’

While teaching kids to create things they’ll cherish forever is important, so is giving them the creative-thinking skills and even the certification to ensure a bright future – and this is the core mission of innovative company, Two:35.

This group of technologists is creating kits to teach kids (spoiler alert: and adults) how to build their own computers – quite aesthetically appeasing ones, if I do say so myself.


The inspiringly named “Glo-Base 2” computer-building kit completely simplifies the complexities of building the technological powerhouse that is a computer. With only six beautiful and colorful parts, it takes a kid about an hour to assemble their very own computer.

And once the physical build is complete, the computer becomes the toy that keeps teaching – adaptable to endless possibilities. Two:35’s interactive curriculum teaches the fundamentals of different types of software, gaming opportunities and more. The curriculum will also include the CompTIA A+ training to become a certified IT professional.

Two:35 has spent more than two years working with over 800 students locally, determining what inspires students and how they learn best, integrating those insights into the core of their kits.

And it all payed off on May 10th, when their first-ever computer-built-by-children debuted at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley.

May 10th’s debut also launched Two:35’s Kickstarter Campaign – a 30-day effort to raise funds for hiring expert individuals that will help expand the software and hardware of these kits.

The campaign concludes on Wednesday, June 14th, and a pledge of $500 will get you a pre-order of the Glo Base 2 kit and login access to Two:35’s learning software.

Some good news, pledgers: these kits aren’t just for kids. The Glo-Base 2 is a resource for hands-on learners and tinkerers of all ages. Whether you’re a gamer, designer or want to develop apps, anyone aged 10 and up can build this computer and become certified in computer hardware.

So build on, San Diego. Build on, world!

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