Brilliant Kilroy Star Illuminates San Diego For The Holidays

A stunning pop-up public art program has once again returned to illuminate San Diego’s downtown skyline, intertwine art and architecture and engage community. What began in 2020 to inspire hope during a time of pandemic darkness, The Kilroy Stars were commissioned within four west coast cities by a visionary real estate developer and dedicated supporter of public art, John Kilroy.

Brilliant Kilroy Star Illuminates San Diego For The Holidays

San Diego’s Kilroy Star has just been installed and illuminated — seen from miles away perched atop the city’s most buzzed about mixed-use office property, 2100 Kettner in Little Italy.

Using light to transcend language, the Star spans 20 feet in diameter and is outfitted with 30,000+ individually programmable LED bulbs. It is designed and built by an Oakland-based creative co-op widely recognized for their installations at Burning Man (Engineered Artworks) and will remain lit 24-hours a day, from November 15, 2021 – March 15, 2022. The Kilroy Stars harness the ever-renewing power of light to convey emotion and conceptual thought. They will introduce a variety of meaningful programming and messages, which alter how people may interact with the Stars continuously throughout their sophomore ’21-’22 season.

While plans are being solidified, stargazers may look forward to oscillating patterns, rhythms, and colors of dynamic light including: morse code tributes, color-coded meteorology reports, twinkling holiday displays, strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations, artists and more.

Located atop 2100 Kettner in Little Italy, other ’21 season installation locations include sister stars in Long Beach, CA and Austin, TX.

See you there, San Diego!

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