Kindred 6 Year Anniversary Rampage

Your favorite lair for plant-punk-boozy revelry is six years old! Once again, they have an action-packed 4-day stretch of total madness for you to celebrate the occasion: the KINDRED 6 Year Anniversary Rampage!


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The Final Permanent Vacation

February 17 to February 18

As they gear up to open MOTHERSHIP, the bombastic brick-and-mortar evolution of our weekly “pop-up” at KINDRED known as PERMANENT VACATION, they are sending off PV with an epic, thrilling, 2-day takeover event.

This means you’ll get a double dose of PV in which the food and drink menus are an interstellar mega-compilation of PV favorites! They’re bringing back the Dead Man, Dark Helmet, Long Bong Silver’s, and more in a stoney spacey fast-food takeover!

The cocktails will include an otherworldly stacking of astro tropical PV libations from 2016 to today. You’ll need more than a night to get through the gems on this menu, so we’ve given you two! Fateful travelers unite to give this ritual of ours the historic sendoff that it deserves!

Wizard Fest VII

February 19

The 7th installment of Wizard Fest with Modern Times Beer returns with all the majesty you’d expect. At 10AM for brunch, they will tap the SPINAL TAP WIT – a foeder aged Witbier with Strawberry, Rhubarb, Juniper and Bitters, forged in honor of our most popular new cocktail: the Spinal Tap.

Behold it’s wondrous magick before it is gone!

Donut Mountain

As they do every year to conclude our anniversary rampage, Donut Panic has once again signed on for the momentous and mountainous task of whipping up hundreds of vegan donuts, which we stack into an ironically breathtaking monolith of glory, forever known as Donut Mountain.

As a thank you to their treasured guests, they will be sharing these donuts (for free) to all those joining them for Sunday Brunch.


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Congrats to Kindred on six years!

See you there, San Diego!

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