Lions Tigers & Bears Hosts Screening Of “The Conservation Game” Documentary

San Diego’s only accredited big cat and bear sanctuary, Lions Tigers & Bears, is hosting two screenings of the Michael Webber documentary “The Conservation Game” for the San Diego community.

“The Conservation Game” recently debuted at the Santa Barbara film festival and is not currently available for viewing elsewhere. In the documentary, retired police officer, Tim Harrison, stumbles upon a bombshell discovery when he suspects that the world’s most famous celebrity conservationists may be secretly connected to the big cat trade.

First screening

The first screening will be held at Ultrastar Cinemas Mission Valley, Hazard Center on Friday, May 7, 2021 at 7 PM. The $35 ticket price includes an exclusive screening of The Conservation Game and a filmmakers panel and meet and greet with the director, Michael Webber, Harrison and others featured in the film .

Second screening

The second screening will be held at Lions Tigers & Bears in Alpine, California on Saturday, May 8, 2021 starting at 5PM. The $50 ticket includes a visit with the rescued animals of Lions Tigers & Bears, pizza and refreshments, exclusive screening of The Conservation Game and a filmmakers panel and meet and greet with the director.

“Our sanctuary is different than most zoos and animal facilities – especially those featured in Netflix’s chaotic Tiger King docuseries – as we are a strict no contact facility,” said Bobbi Brink, Lions Tigers & Bears Founder and Director. “This allows us to provide a safe and peaceful existence for our rescued animals, just like they’d have in the wild, and our vast encounters and limited numbers of guests allow for appropriate distancing for visitors for health and safety with a more up close and personal view of the animals.”

The exotic animal rescue nonprofit, led by Brink, has coordinated rescues for more than 600 big cats, bears, wolves and other exotic animals across the U.S. in need of permanent refuge and lifetime homes at reputable sanctuaries, including Lions Tigers & Bears.

Tickets can be purchased here!

About Lions Tigers & Bears

Lions Tigers & Bears is a federally and state licensed 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue facility dedicated to providing a safe haven to abused and abandoned exotic animals while inspiring an educational forum to end the exotic animal trade. Lions Tigers & Bears is a NO CONTACT, NO KILL, NO BREED and NO SELL facility that allows the animals in its care the opportunity to live out their lives with dignity in a caring and safe environment. Lions Tigers & Bears is one of the few sanctuaries in the United States with the highest level of accreditation from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association. For more information, visit here.

See you there….and stay healthy, San Diego!

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