Local Company Farmer’s Fix Makes It Easy To Get Your Greens!

“You gotta eat your greens!”

Yeah mom, I hear you!

We should all be making sure to get enough healthy greens in our diet, but it’s easy to get too busy and default back to another carnitas taco! Mmmmm…tacos!

Lucky for us, however, a cool company here in San Diego called Farmer’s Fix is making it easy to get your healthy greens in each day, no matter how busy you are!

Fresh Salads Delivered To Your Door


Farmer’s Fix hand crafts their tasty salads in Sorrento Valley, sourcing their produce from local organic farms Be Wise Farms, and local produce experts, including Specialty Produce.

They then package them up in compostable packing and deliver them to you in insulated cooler bags so your salads stay crisp and fresh (I was a little skeptical on this at first because I don’t like tired lettuce at all; but Farmer’s Fix has this problem solved!).


At a price of only $10 per salad and free delivery on orders of $50 or more, it’s easy to see how Farmer’s Fix will save you the other kind of green you need more of compared to eating out!


Save 30% + Free Delivery On Your First Order

We were lucky to be able to try Farmer’s Fix here at the office a couple of weeks ago and the team was thrilled, so we asked them to make a special offer for the ThereSanDiego community to give Farmer’s Fix a try.

Just head over to the Farmer’s Fix website and enter the code ‘ThereSD-30‘ at checkout to save 30% and get free delivery on your first order!



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