Local Non-Profit To Honor Military Wife With Annual Award

We all know how hard it is to be overseas serving our country and being away from your family, but we rarely hear about how hard it is for those who are left behind.

Wives of active duty military members are frequently left behind to single-handedly handle the trails, tribulations and victories going on back home while their husbands were off fighting for our freedom. The sacrifices and life commitment these women make are often overlooked and not recognized as they should be.

The Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation To Honor Military Wife With Annual AwardThe Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation To Honor Military Wife With Annual Award

That is why, The Flying Leatherneck Historical Foundation created the Irene Ferguson award to honor and highlight the resilience, strength and dedication of the wives of active duty military members.

The Foundation is currently accepting nominations for the award – below are the criteria:

  • Must be USMC wife who supports our military and communities
  • The wife’s husband must be a USMC active duty member who serves in a unit having a home-based located in the USMC Southwest Region
  • Nominations are being accepted until April 24

Nomination Process:

Describe the characteristics of your United States Marine Corps Wife nominee, why she stands out among other military wives and how she has contributed to the military and/or civilian community. This may include volunteer work, special projects or goodwill. A well-written response with concrete examples will help the panel get a good understanding of your nominee and why she deserves to be recognized. 750 word maximum. Please no photos of the nominee.

For more details or to apply, visit here.

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