Marriott Tents Coachella

Say what!!

Coachella comrades, things just got fancy.

Hotel giant Marriott International is getting their hands into the musical empire and profitable world of Coachella.

The company has plans to take over 8 tents at the festival this year, equally distributing interior stylings from 8 of their different hotel brands. These glamped-out tents will be decked with air conditioning, actual furniture, private restrooms, golf cart services to and from locations, and more.

In order to get the chance to bid for one of these bad boys, you have to be a Marriott or Starwood rewards member with quite the lofty point account (last we checked, the individual Marriott bids were tallying in at 150,000 points).

But don’t lose hope. One tent will be given away to a rewards member, purely out of the kindness of Marriott’s heart. All you have to do is enter for the giveaway here.

So, will we be entering for our chance to glamp at Coachella?

I mean, listen, we are all about things music, festivals, and a healthy opportunity to care about ONLY those things for a pure 72 hours… but, we’ve been there before, and we know there’s that one point somewhere around hour 30 where we’re like, “Man, I’m gross.”

…Luxury beds, showers and golf cart rides?? Yeah, we’ll be entering for the giveaway!

The tents are available for the second weekend of the festival, April 20 to 23. Check out the Coachella website to make sure that’s the weekend for you!