Meet The SD Navy Spouse That Built A Seven-Figure Meal Prep Company While Her Husband Was On Deployment

Every parent wants to feed their kids healthy food. And every parent understands the struggle of trying to find the time, energy, budget, and recipes to do it!

That challenge was the inspiration behind the founding of Healthy Momma Meal Prep in San Diego.

Flossie Hall, a Navy spouse, 33year old mother of four and Founder and CEO of Healthy Momma said, “When you make healthy food affordable and accessible, you open up the possibility for people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, feed themselves and their families without breaking the bank.”


Flossie always had a knack for meal prepping for herself until a friend gave her the idea of using her skills to help other families, too. She started with just a dozen clients for the first few weeks. She rented out a commercial space within a month and became a seven-figure company in just a year with a total of 45 employees who are also military spouses just like her.

Being a military spouse, Flossie came in prepared for entrepreneurship because her lifestyle has given her a strong sense of resilience. Healthy Momma is her way of offering a solution to wives like her who perennially have to adjust to a new job, new school, training schedules, and deployment.

It’s easy to see why the Healthy Momma service was built with the understanding of every busy parent’s struggle to serve healthy food to their family whenever time allows it. So, during those days where time just isn’t on mom or pop’s side, Healthy Momma is just happy to come to the rescue.

Founded in 2015, Flossie has already donated 10,000 meals for a veteran charitable organization. In San Diego alone, she already have served nearly half a million meals since last year.

Meals are available both in individual portions or family style, and they don’t serve processed or chemically loaded options on their menu.

If you’d like to eliminate the chaos that comes with packing lunches, scrambling for a meal or opting for a less than healthy option – check out Healthy Momma’s meal prep service!

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