Here’s Your Opportunity To Own A San Diego Craft Brewery!

You just lovvvvvve San Diego beer, right?!

Well now you can own your own (piece of a) brewery!

Mission Brewery, one of San Diego’s most historic breweries, is launching a rare stock purchase campaign that allows YOU to buy a share of the brewery!

The only opportunity of its kind in San Diego, the fund raise is through an online application at WeFunder, and is made possible thanks to the “JOBS Act” which allows even non-accredited investors (someone who does not meet the net worth requirements under the Securities & Exchange Commission’s regulations) the ability to participate in alternative investments.

Translation: you and I can buy into the brewery!

The minimum investment is $200 and the opportunity to invest is open online for two months only. Once the investment goal of $1 million is reached, the opportunity will be closed and hopeful investors will be put on a waiting list.

Your investment dollars will help fund operations as needed during a growth period, increase marketing and sales efforts, and build up to six taprooms throughout the San Diego area.

The team at are big fans of any business strategy that allows local customers to ‘have a stake in the game’ – businesses and communities are better when we feel connected and have a sense of ownership.

So…we’re in!

For more information about Mission Brewery or how to get involved please visit, or

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